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Think Before You Leap: Managed Hosting or Colocation Hosting

Updated on August 16, 2011

While coming to the most hassle free hosting type, managed hosting is worth mentioning. You only have to spend few dollars for the extra service and can enjoy the benefits managed web hosting offers. If you look in to managed web hosting closer, you will find that it has many similarities with a dedicated hosting, however, as the terms are different, the task provided by these services are also different. If you go for managed web hosting, the hosting company will take the entire responsibility of managing your server.

The features of service differ from an offer package to another. You can always pick the one that suits your requirements. And this is very important to note that it must be able to meet your requirements, otherwise, pick another package. That is this much easy. You can set up your server as per your wish and can also update the software as and when required. Monitoring and administering the entire web hosting server is not a very tough task.

But, when it comes to any modifications on the setting or the codes of the web server, it needs IT experts who can really deal with such confidential data. Managed server provides secure and reliable hosting regarding any complicated issues related to the hosting service. You can still find an affordable managed hosting service plan that fits in to your budget.

Another hosting plan is the colocation web hosting server, which come up very recently. This is more expensive than a managed hosting server. If you have large websites or if you own several websites, then this hosting type is perfect for you. In this case, unlike managed hosting, you not only hire the management IT team, you are renting a physical rack space from your web host. The hosting company will provide you the required infrastructure for your server location. You can visit the server location and can do any upgrades and software installation. But so far, the IT team that comes along with the service package will do the management work for you. You will be provided your own cPanel to perform any changes and the updates from your own home.

Whichever hosting plan you have decided to take up, it is very important to check on your requirement and the budget you have set for it. If you carefully analyze the benefits provided by colocation hosting plan, the cost of service is reasonably affordable.

Once again, it all depends on the type of your website, requirement of your website and your budget for it. Taking up the latest technology always makes you go with the pace of time. Pick managed hosting service if your website is new, of small size and has very less requirement. On the other hand, you will need to pick colocation hosting plan for your bigger website that has demanding need of proper care.


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