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Think you had a bad day?

Updated on July 11, 2011


If you think you are having a bad day, that nothing is going your way, that you have lost all hope and can't surpass life's antagonistic nature... read this:

The following is a true story:

There is a man, a friendly man. He tries to do all the right things and tries his hardest to love everyone around him –even those who hate him. Hardship encompasses his life, yet he keeps his head up high to the heavens.

Suddenly he gets arrested by the Roman authorities.

He is asked if he is a Christian, which is against Roman law, and he emphatically replies 'yes'. The officer tells him that he will be tortured in horrid manners unless he denies his faith. He stands fast. The officer says that they will kill him unless he denies his faith. He remains steadfast.

Thus, he is brought to a horrific torture device, an iron grill hung over a large fire –a human griddle.

He walks to it in peace and, via ropes, is raised over the device. He is asked again to deny his faith and again refuses.

He is lowered onto the grill, back down –the sound of cooking, the smell of burning meat.

After a while, he was asked “Do you have something to say?” –hoping to get a denial of his faith.

The man looked over and said through his agony of pain unimaginable “Yes.”

He was lifted off the torture device and said:

“Turn me over, I'm not done yet!”

Now, if he withstood all of this with an ending of comic amazement, what is there that you can not overcome?


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    • Chatkath profile image

      Kathy 6 years ago from California

      I won't forget this, I tend to have bad days quite often and then I have to remind myself what a really bad day is and adjust myself! Thank you for sharing this!

    • barbergirl28 profile image

      Stacy Harris 6 years ago from Hemet, Ca

      I really enjoyed this! Such a great thing to read if having a bad day... I will definately have to come back to this one! :) Thanks for brightening my day!

    • profile image

      julsey 6 years ago

      yes....I told myself it will pass today too. Good post!


    • BukowskiBabe profile image

      BukowskiBabe 6 years ago from Somewhere in the middle of it all.

      Me too. I tell myself, okay this will pass. A good book and a hot bath doesn't hurt either.

    • SUSIE DUZY profile image

      SUSIE DUZY 6 years ago from Delray Beach, Florida

      When I am having a bad day, I remind myself that it will pass.

    • BukowskiBabe profile image

      BukowskiBabe 6 years ago from Somewhere in the middle of it all.

      I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad day. I hope tomorrow is better.

    • profile image

      bobblegum777 6 years ago

      yeah i had a bad day

    • profile image

      bobblegum777 6 years ago

      thank you