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Work from home?

Updated on November 13, 2013

Why work from home?

We are all afraid of the current recession, the new found fear that we might not be the participants of economy sooner or later. No matter how qualified and experienced, we have got the gut feeling that this pay check could be our last. Time and again, we are entering recession and there seems to be no exit. So we need an exit strategy.

About Turn....

Many people with the anxiety of being called as ex-employee starts looking for alternatives of earning the buck. Some think of starting a small business from home, while some look for part-time jobs so that the dice keeps on rolling. So what to do best when your life is about to make a turn......part-time/business or last resort work from home!

Three simple steps.

The best and cheapest way is to work from home. You don't have to leave your job. Just consider it as pass time and hobby until the black day of your unemployment comes.

Word tutorial

Step 1

You have to be computer savvy for the start. If you know Word and Excel applications....viola! But don't you worry if you are not good at computers. You will learn with practice and you will learn quick, because time is short and bills need to get paid. For quick training, you can go to youtube and look for videos. Just type in the search bar what you are looking.

Step 3

Always review your work before submitting. Reviewing eliminates errors and increase chances of finding new work. You can also end up having a regular client.

Step 2

There are many freelancing opportunities available on internet. Find them! You can use search engines like to find work. Websites like works on bidding system. Bidding works best when your skills are highlighted with experience such as if you have typing speed of 50 wpm, then this should be the first skill identified on your profile. If you are a good writer and can do creative writing, then highlight your skills with academic, creative or report writing. Also remember that bidding lowest does not guarantee work. Experience in these skills always matter. However, even with little or no experience, you can find work. You can also work on commission by generating online sales. But this takes patience and require both time and effort. However, if you are a peoples person, then achieving sales targets might not be a difficult task.

Win-win with some drawbacks...

Not only would you earn your living but you also get to stay with your family and spend quality time with them. You get to save money on fuel and expensive office clothes and work at your own leisure. You will decide what time you want to work and not your employer. You would be a freelancer. You might like to work in the same frame forever or until you get back to a professional job. However, there are some drawbacks associated.

  • You would not know how much you will end up earning-more or less than expected
  • If your employment had perks like medical and insurance, you will miss them. But you can get your own medical and other insurances.
  • Your efficiency and effectiveness might decrease due to unprofessional environment at home

You are better judge of your weaknesses and strength. Where you are going to stand can be better decided by yourself. Working from home could be your choice, but unemployment is not.

Best way to earn from home

What is the best way to earn a living while working from home?

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    • Fatiha profile image

      Fatiha 4 years ago from CALGARY

      Thats a good suggestion. Thanks for stopping by.

    • profile image

      Ron 4 years ago

      Working as commission agent is probably the best option out there . You jut need few good clients on your contact list .