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How to Access Tiger Wood's Secret of Success

Updated on March 16, 2010

It's Hidden in His Mind - and Ours

I'm not living in a cave somewhere; so, I am very much aware of Tiger's current situation, although how much is hype is still to be known. However, his secret of success is still very much valid and applies to all of us. I will offer my professional and mind explorer opinion of his stunning fall from grace in another Hub, and it is equally as important as why he has been so successful, because without a balance of both what happened to him can happen to anyone. I have little doubt that the secret of his success will pull him out of his precipitous plunge before he hits the bottom of the pit. What is immensely important is that what has made him so successful is extremely exciting and ours for the taking if we know how to access it. How simple that actually is to do will blow your mind.

The Main Difference Between Tiger and the Rest of Us

Many who read my previous articles know that the main source of my unusual information about our mind comes from a five-year adventure helping Nancy heal herself of terminal cancer. On that journey, we made a groundbreaking discovery of a special intelligence, an inner wisdom, that we all have that guided us on that adventure. What I've discovered over the last three decades is that without a doubt we all have this special intelligence but only a relatively few, like Tiger, tap into it “naturally.” The rest of us can access it but need some guidance in understanding what is blocking us from using it. This article will expose that block and the simple way to remove it.

You see, all of us can live successfully and have the natural ability to do so, but a few unnoticed influences in our lives are keeping us from using anywhere near the full capacity of our mind. Those of you who have an open mind will grasp this quite easily. It is obvious and intuitive, but it's like one of those pictures embedded in a picture that becomes obvious when it is pointed out.

Our Life's Greatest Influences

It is generally agreed by science that the greatest influences in our lives occur from birth to about seven years of age. We've all heard plenty about the subconscious mind but few realize it's immense influence in our life. Ralph Waldo Emerson, often referred to as America's Teacher strongly hinted at it when he wrote, “The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.” The truth is that most of us have no idea what a master it is and how it really controls our actions from the feats of Tiger's world-class success, to his unbelievable world-class poor judgment. What was he ever thinking? The point is, he was thinking far too much, and that thinking got in the way of his understanding of what was really happening to him.

First of all, most of us are programmed from birth by our parents to believe that we personally know nothing and must look outside of ourselves for answers. Because of this fundamental mistake, we have been systematically focused outside of ourselves for every important answer when all of the time, as we found out with Nancy, we do have within us every key personal answer we will ever need. Because his mother behaved differently than most western mothers, Katlida influenced Tiger with the mindset that his answers were within him, and he learned to naturally be aware of them. Her influence also taught him how to automatically quiet his mind so that those answers could flow to him spontaneously. His ability to focus intensely was one of the main side effects of his mindset. I'm sure he's really not even aware that in the intensity of competition of any kind, his mind becomes clear and quiet, and he is receiving the exact information he needs at that moment from the special intelligence we all have. Now, “the exact information” is different for each of us depending on how we have been trained and educated. There is a source of information within us and based on our common experiences throughout human history that is available to us all. It can protect and guide us through the dangers and opportunities of our lives. That common experience is enhanced by the specific training of our individual lives to form the totality our own personal fund of information that we can access and use every day.

The second major influence we are all struggling with is that of science and technology that has accidentally hijacked our minds over the last two thousand years or so to accept that our thinking mind is our primary mind. Because of it's focus on the analytical, thinking mind to solve technical problems, science has virtually shut out the immense abilities of the creative mind and the intuitive mind. The practical, everyday result of this influence is that we believe that our thinking mind can solve all of our problems when it cannot. In fact, our rational, thinking mind can only solve those problems that we already have the answers to in our mind's data banks or our libraries. It can never solve new problems that arise in our lives everyday. That is the ability of our creative mind and our intuitive mind. Albert Einstein, arguably one of humankind's greatest scientists said that he never made a discovery with this thinking mind alone. Imagination, he said, was far more important than knowledge, because it held the answers to every problem we would ever experience.

So, by being programmed to use the thinking mind almost exclusively, we are continuously churning out thousands of useless thoughts each day trying to find answers to our personal problems where they can never be found. These thousands of thought are not only useless but waste our energy, create fear and stress, clog our mind and block the real answers from coming through to us.

The Solution

In another article, I will specifically address what I think happened to Tiger that caused him to dramatically lose his ability to focus his mind when he needed it most, but now I'm going to finish this article by pointing out how each of us can access and use the same kind of inner mind power he has, to live successfully. The solution is very simple. We must reduce the twelve lanes of rush-hour traffic in our minds enough to be aware of the very specific and personal information flowing to us all the time from the creative mind and intuitive mind. This is where the genius of Albert Einstein came from, and it is the source of our own individual genius as well.

For thousands of years and among billions of people in many parts of the globe, different forms of what is known as meditation was a key part of the teachings of such ideologies as Buddhism and Hinduism. Remember that Tiger's mother is Buddhist. Meditation is a technique that quiets the mind and encourages the natural flow of inspiration from the creative and intuitive mind. It became popular in the United States and Europe during the last fifty years but never entered the mainstream, because it directly contradicted the programming of science mentioned earlier. Meditation is a wonderful way to quiet the thinking mind, provide deep rest and healing for the body, and clear the way for our special intelligence to provide us the personal answers we need. However, because our of overloaded life style, it really isn't very effective anymore, anyway. We just cannot meditate often enough nor long enough to allow it to provide the ongoing focused state of mind we desperately need to overcome the flood of frightening data and information we are constantly being bombarded with from the media in our crazy, new world.

It was during a particularly dark time in my own life that I was fortunate enough not only to discover the source of special intelligence within Nancy and the rest of us, but also to develop a science-based technique that healed my life and gave me constant access to my own special intelligence and inner wisdom. This operant conditioning technique, based on brainwave technology, appeals to the science-programmed westerners and works relatively quickly to quiet the inordinate amounts of unnecessary thought that is creating massive amounts of fear and stress. Even more importantly, the stimulus-response mechanism associated with the technique makes it possible to access a new mind we all have that can become our primary mind all of the time. In other words, it is no longer necessary to meditate everyday nor to even use this technique called alpha training everyday to sustain its dramatically positive results. If used as directed, alpha training will gradually change the neuron pathways in the brain from noisy and clouded to clear and quiet, and we can sustain a new mind that is open to all the life-giving and life-protecting information flowing to us all of the time.

None of this requires belief. All it takes is a willingness to give it a chance to work. If used exactly as directed, its dramatic, positive changes will be noticed within seven days. Even more attractive, the price is right, because it is free.

WARNING: Because it is simple and free, there is the distinct possibility that it will be discounted, because we have been programmed to believe that anything worthwhile is both complicated and expensive. This is neither. Again, it was Albert who said, “If the answer is simple, God is speaking.” Enjoy the simplicity and the power.

© sgscalese, 2009


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      6 years ago

      I asked for understanding due to traumatic experiences in my life the last few years. Finances, relationships and health were at their worst. I asked for the understanding of that, for I felt if I understood I could not only avoid such trauma again, but also bring the desires of my heart into my reality. Ask and you will get the answer. Interestingly enough just recently I have been using hypnosis through purchased cds to help my mind, thinking this was another way to bring in what I desire, what I have had visions and dreams of. But in asking that question yesterday, I wanted to know even more..the understanding of what happened, but most of all what is the wall I sense that is keeping me from living my life to its full potential. Early morning hours I discover your book. What I have read thus far has touched on many thoughts, feelings and experiences I have had through the years. I will continue to read, be wiling to learn from your bonk. Most of all I come here to thank you for it. I truly believe I will find part or all of why the wall, and how to bring that wall down.

      Thank you. Linda


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