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Tim Manning – A Leader in Property Investment

Updated on April 18, 2016

Norwich Properties Limited, owned by Tim Manning, is one of New Zealand’s most experienced residential development companies. Tim Manning is the director of Norwich Properties Limited. He has completed over 50 projects, with 25 years’ experience in property development industry.

Behind every great, successful business is a strong and motivated leader. Tim Manning is exactly that. His passion lies in property development and Norwich Properties is Tim Manning’s pride and joy.

Tim Manning has had a long career, spanning more than 25 years. In all aspects of property development, Tim is acknowledged as one of New Zealand’s most successful developers. This is because of his drive to push his business to succeed. Tim Manning is not one to settle for anything less than the best and that is what Norwich properties is.

Norwich properties with a core staff of seasoned professionals, as well as a select group of consultants. All of whom are just as passionate as Tim Manning himself. Norwich Properties is all about having the right team to get the best job done. They strive to meet the needs of each individual development and there’s no moment any of Norwich Property’s staff wouldn’t go out of their way to meet the needs of a client.

To continue being the best in the business, Tim Manning knows that you can’t settle, there must always be room for improvement and that’s a strong belief that Manning and Norwich Properties Limited share. As the New Zealand economy continues to grow there will always be a demand for more quality real estate and Norwich Properties will always stay ahead of the game in this industry. Providing real estate owners and investors exactly what they are looking for.

Tim Manning is the backbone to Norwich Properties and makes it what it is. He is a leader, an innovator and continues to push his business to the front to keep it ahead of everyone else in the industry. Tim Manning has grown his business from his small home in Ponsonby to what it is today, he is extremely proud of Norwich Properties Limited and that shows in the quality of work he and the business continue to produce.


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