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Time Management And Your Greatness

Updated on June 12, 2010

Time Management And Your Greatness

God placed men on the earth to exercise dominion over all of creation including time. Man has the capacity to channel time towards achieving any noble goal he so desires. However, as a wise man has observed, “The great majority drift through life never realizing that their future will be the one they create for themselves.”  These multitudes carry with them great possibilities for peak performance in life. But most people never fully become their best selves. The few that do have a common trait to their subset; they place appropriate value on time because they have the understanding back of it.

Time Explained: What does time really mean? Time is everything. Time is your greatest asset. Time is actually worth more than money. It is the currency of life. Time is life. It defines the limits of your performances and achievements in life. It is the single most important factor that accounts for either success or failure in life. Time is loaded with potential for greatness. It is not renewable and wise spending of it enables you to conquer your place in destiny. Time determines the legacy you leave behind. To remain in the comfort zone of life is to waste time. Man ought to venture out to the battlefield of life to sacrifice pleasure in pursuit of his ambition. The time you invest today will determine the quality of results that your future will deliver. 

Time and Purpose: To every purpose under heaven, “there is a season and time”. There is the “time to be born and a time to die”. However between birth and death a whole lot of activities take place , for instance, you have to grow up physically, spiritually, mentally etc. build a deep relationship with God and develop a character foundation. You also need time to broaden your horizon by acquiring relevant knowledge, to seek to discover your assignment on earth to utilize your God given potential to its fullest.

Wherever you find anybody who has no regard for time and its possibilities, you have seen either a failure or a potential one. Many on earth who could not realize their deposits for greatness were actually destined for the top. They ought to be great founders of world class organizations, great actors, musicians, writers, great preachers, etc., had they learn this right lesson early enough.

God looks up to you to seize every available opportunity for self development and advancement as each day is presented to you. You are expected to work out your potential with sense of urgency. Because there would be a time that you would be able to work and fulfill your destiny. You must continually walk with consciousness of your earthly assignment and the urgency attached to it. You are expected to engage your spirituality (your vital connection to divinity) and your mental faculties to create or re-create your world. There is so much trapped within you that await your expression. But your manifestation is tied to maximum use of your time. 

Greatness and Time: All great men have one thing in common. They live in the reality that “you and I are just going to be here for a flicker” (Art Williams). These are men whose ultimate desire is actualization of their goal in life. They are men of impact. They don’t compete with nobody but with time. Their consciousness is built around time and how best to invest it. They do all they can to eliminate distractions. They have personally programmed themselves in relation to time and it makes them the most productive personalities in every environment where they operate. They are goal-getters and achievers who have decided to release, “the biggest and the grandest possible thing” within them. A wise man calls it “attaining the high water mark of efficiency”.  

Redeeming the Time: Now that you are conscious of the fact that you have an appointed time on earth you need to heed to wisdom of heaven to redeem the time; to remember thy creator in the days of thy youth. It is time to arise and be who you were meant to be. To develop a new perspective to life. To begin to see the world of possibilities that awaits you to explore. You need to be determined to personally handle the chisel and to fashion out a design for living with the tools God has made available to you. You are the architect of your future, the master of your destiny; a co-creator with God. You are loaded with both spiritual and natural abilities with which you can achieve whatever you desire. However to redeem the time several steps should be taken: 

First is what I call “Positive Awareness You need to be conscious of the reality of your existence and possibilities therein. “You Awake from thou that sleep, and arise from the dead ”. Life is fleeting. How are you spending your twenty-four hours on daily basis? It will be dangerous for you to let time happen to you out of ignorance. Be conscious of the fact that you will depart from this world. You need to understand that your life is worth more than gold and silver. Live like somebody who knows that he will give account of how your time on earth was spent.

Secondly, Catch a Vision: A Dream for Your Life : Without a dream or a burning desire or passion at the base of your life, you will end up drifting through life. Be sure of where your life is heading.  Seek the face of God to understand the direction that your life should take and burn the bridge behind you in pursuit of that purpose. Engage your mental region, your thought factory in productive reasoning. It is your richest asset; your gold mine. Allow God to birth divine ideas in your mind. Sit Down today and visualize a positive future.

Proceed to Set Your Goals . Where will you want to be in twenty or ten or five years –or even a year from now? God will not do that for you. Ask God for wisdom and skill to set specific, measurable, realistic goals with deadlines attached to them. Set goals for all areas of your life and let them be properly defined.

You need A Detailed Plan . Find out all that you need to achieve your goals. Plan out all the details. Know where to go, what to do, when to do it and how you are to do it.

Set Priorities: Even if you have planned out the details of what to do, you need to realize that you never have time to do everything at the same time. So prioritize you activities by categorizing them according to their order of importance and urgency.

Then Deal With Slothfulness and Procrastination . These are the children of the same parent and their offspring any day, anytime are poverty and outright failure. There is a saying that “By much slothfulness the building decayed and through idleness of the hands the house dropped through” . Exercise your willpower and put your talents to work. Deal with physical and mental laziness. Don’t allow procrastination to rub you of your glorious destiny. 

Take Action today. A wise man observed that in the great clock of time there is but one time – Now! Not tomorrow. And now is the acceptable time.

May you arise today and locate your assignment and maximize the time left and after your departure may somebody be glad that you were born. 


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