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Time Management Tools and Techniques

Updated on March 21, 2011

Time management is a skill that enables individuals to become more productive. Successful people can trace its roots to this skill. They feel the need to balance their work-play schedule so they develop time management skills. There are many effective time management tools that can help you with developing this skill but choosing which is really apt for you is the first step to being successful.

It is very subjective when it comes to selecting the most effective time management tool. It is not the same for everyone. You should make an effort to look for the ones that are compatible with you. It is important that the time management tools that you select would give you quality results. The specific amount of time given to accomplish the task is not that important, what’s essential is being able to finish the task within the time frame.

Time management tools and time management techniques are like peas in a pod, they go together hand in hand. You should take time to learn how to plan, prioritize and delegate. You should know that good techniques require you to make your area conducive to working, learning to avoid distractions, and allocating ample time for rest and relaxation. One can begin by labeling your things and taking away clutter to prevent distraction. Turning off your phone and refraining from surfing the net, going to social networking sites would yield positive results. Finally make sure that you allocate some personal time to recharge from work.

One management tool that is deemed essential is a daily planner. It can keep track of your schedule, appointments, deadlines, and to-do lists. Time management tools that remind you of all these tings may include sticky notes, refrigerator magnets and dry-erase boards. These tools are placed in areas where you would often see them hence you would be often reminded of your daily schedule and upcoming activities.

A stopwatch is another time management tool that you can tap when checking how you allocate your time. You can start timing yourself from the time you begin with a task and stopping when you take a break or when you finish it.

Time management tools help you to cope with the stress and deadlines. With these tools, everything would be easier and you can manage your time for all aspects of your life.


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