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Reading Alone will not help your Time Management

Updated on April 10, 2009

Your Search for Implementable Time Management Stops Here

Yes! if you are seeking to Manage your time and if you are still browsing around and keep reading, then perhaps you must stop doing it for three following specific reasons.

First: by reading around the topic and searching better knowledge you have already wasted a lot of time; why waste more?

Second: Knowledge is no guarantee of doing!! So even if you succeed in getting the best book or knowledge its not going to work, as you simply won't be able to implement it. Not being able to take actions on our best knowledge has been the biggest obstacle so far. All books are about knowledge and further Knowledge, while we actually need the Action Enablers.

Third: Finally, You have come to the well researched system of implementing Time Management in your life. This is why you need to stop reading and start acting on few very simple but effective Time Management principles enumerated by Mr G. P. Tripathi.

we discuss the matter further in following paragraphs that contain new and startelling facts on Time Management.

Unless Time is Managed, Nothing else will be.

Picking Exercise habit made Simple

If yes then congratulations for leading a healthy lifestyle. However if you do not exercise, don’t you know and appreciate the benefits of regular exercise?? Of-course you know all the benefits of exercise and its need in life; how silly of me to be asking such a question.

But then despite all the knowledge why you are not able to exercise??

Well you are not alone. The medical doctors know better than anyone else the importance of regular exercise, in fact they preach it to their patients numerous times each day, but surprisingly many of them are not able to act on this obvious knowledge. Many of the doctors are not able undertake regular exercise despite wanting and wishing for it. Why??

Because as I said earlier Knowledge is no guarantee of doing!!

So do you get it now?

In the name of Time Management what you are gathering and are being offered often is some form of knowledge or the other. Now you know knowledge alone is of no use, unless its acted upon.This is why the process of accumulating further knowledge seems so boring to our creative mind.

Actually Action is the foundation of all Success.

This is why the Principle of AcNOW® is so important for time management. As it propels you towards congruent actions all the Time.

Regular exercise

If you wish to pick up the habit of exercising regularly then stop planning big and start some sort of exercise in a very small manner.

say just stand and move your body in a certain fashion for a certain duration say for two minutes. No repeat the same each day, if possible at the same time. slowly it will become a habit, now all you have to do is to expand the exercising duration and improve upon the type of exercise. since habit is already formed such modifications become easier to implement.

Reasond for Time Management Failure

what you think has been biggest obstacle to your Time Mnagement Success, so far ?

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    • G P Tripathi profile image

      Dr G P Tripathi 8 years ago from India

      Actually the task upto making chart is easy, the difficulity begins only after that. Normaly charts gets discarded and time management never happens. My project and books that I have written are for those who are finding it difficult to adopt Time management.

      thanks for your comments, I welcome them.


    • Trsmd profile image

      Trsmd 8 years ago from India

      To be honest your best time management for a normal person would be to make a simple chart of your 'must dos' (work etc) and add your fun stuff.