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Time Management for Nurses

Updated on July 26, 2008

Time Management: Top 3 Reasons Why Nurses Need them

Nursing is a very demanding career. You not only have tons of things to get done, you are also forced to make decisions on the fly and learn how to prioritize things on the fly.

It's not like you have a lot of time to sit down and think when there's an emergency or when a patient needs your attention.

No wonder so many nurses are stressed out! You take care of others so well that you're forgetting to take care of yourself..

But, time management for nurses isn't just about stress relief..there are other very important reasons to get serious about your time as a nurse.

Here's a few..

1. Increased efficiency - wouldn't it be nice to be there for each patient and help them more efficiently?

2. Stress relief - do you ever feel like you're running around like a chicken with it's head cut off!?! When you learn how to prioritize tasks, you feel good about them and you can finally get some peace.

3. Your family - It really sucks to go home all tired and burned out..When you learn to priotize, reduce stress and increase efficiency you can also create time for your family (and most importantly for YOU!)

As a nurse, you deserve to take good care of yourself

Time Management for Nurses: The Most Important Thing

I'll admit it's NEVER easy to plan your day out when you're a nurse. The demands change every it's essential for you to learn how to prioritize things on the fly!

Yeah, it's a bit difficult...but it's not impossible to master.

What it takes is a willingness to become more efficient, organized and learn time management for nurses.

And, it takes a lot of practice!

Here's one easy way to priotize tasks..

Write down your tasks and label them from A-E..

An A level task would be something that's critical, a B level task would be something that's very important but not as critical as A, a C level task would be nice to d but can be left off, D would specify delegating the task to someone else to free up your time or to get a better quality result.

And, an E task is something that you can totally erase from your to-do list..

I like E tasks! It's an instant stress relief tool.

Nursing Time Management: Need to Learn Time Management?

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      j ose haper 5 years ago



    • profile image

      Tim Wilson 7 years ago

      I understand that nurses have to prioritize during a shift, as on the spot decisions have to be routinely made.

      But I don't believe that there is any point in over prioritizing. After all, who ever gets round to doing 'C' tasks?

      Proper planning, picking the most appropriate task at any given moment and making sure free time is time well spent all seem to matter when it comes to time management for nurses.