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Time to Quit? Here Are 10 Signs On When You Need to Leave Your Job

Updated on July 18, 2017

Who ever said "Every job is a dream job" straight up LIED to you! Not every job is a dream job. And not every job is worth staying for; putting up with lazy co-workers, bad management, and a lack of freedom. Who wants to work in an environment like that? Not I. Sometimes, you have to cut the strings and say adiós amigos! But how do you know when it’s time to call it quits? Here are 10 signs that it is time for you to quit your job.

1. You are miserable every day

You wake up already dreading the day. You don’t care if your alarm went off to wake you and you hit the snooze button at least 5 times before you decide that it’s time for you to get up. You don’t even care if you are late to work every day. Screw it!

2. You lack passion

Ah! To be passionate again. Remember that feeling you had when you got hired, that feeling of new possibilities and opportunities that will come your way? Yeah, well it’s GONE!

3. Work related stress is affecting your health

Too much stress can take a toll on your health. Most people quit because their jobs are too stressful. Getting headaches frequently, getting colds or other health issues can be a sign that you need to quit, and ASASP! No job is worth losing your life over.

4. You can’t get along with your boss/co-workers

Your relationship with your boss can either be beneficial or detrimental. Poor relationships with your boss or co-workers are a definite sign that it can be time to go. Have you tried to work out problems with your colleagues but never find a solution? Are you being bullied by your boss, or worst case, sexually harassed (that’s an automatic quits). In your work place you should be able to get along with everyone, even if you don’t really like them.

5. You are feeling bored

If you are no longer growing or learning anything new at your job, then it may be time to call it quits. You could have outgrown the position and have no new opportunity for advancement. You crave more time of getting out then actually working.

6. You haven't received a raise/bonus

No employer should expect their workers to work for free, nor should they pay you very little when you are qualified to do the job. If your job duties have changed which adds on more workload for you and they are not paying you for the extra work, then it’s a sure sign that it’s time to quit. Don’t let employers take advantage of you!

7. Your work affects your life balance

Notice that you are spending more time at work and less time with your family and friends? Working on holidays or on weekends to get the job done and miss out on your niece’s birthday party. Absolute quits! Your work life and your personal life should be balanced. Take that vacation you’ve been dying to go on, even if it’s to nowhere. Make sure you are balancing your time.

8. Poor Management

Going into work and feeling like you are machine instead of a human being can be a sign that it’s time to go. If you find that your boss or manager micro-manages you (LINK , or treats you with disrespect, it’s probably time for you to do something about it (Just don’t kill him!)

9. You feel like your ideas don't matter

Your ideas are not being heard or valued anymore. You have a hard time getting approvals from higher ups. A lot of “no’s” being thrown your way. Then it just might be time to take your ideas elsewhere.

10. Your company is failing

Jump! Abandon ship! Don’t sink with a sinking company.


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