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FIRED! Times are rough, and I don't qualify for unemployment.

Updated on May 8, 2014

It was my fault that I lost the job.

Putting on a resume that you lost a job really slows down the re-employment plans. Honesty is better than someone finding out later that you were fired. I am 2 months with ZERO work, no bills were paid and the few resources I had went away fast. Also the bank was beginning to think that they should initiate foreclosure on the house. If you are in this situation, please realize that your situation is more common than you think.

Since I was not laid off but fired for cause, I receive no benefits.

After weeks of hearings and submitting claims for checks, pending the decision from the unemployment people, I don't qualify for benefits.

First evaluate what is left after the last day at work.

I hit the tiny Xmas club account, used the final check, from work, and sold some of the wife's gold jewelry to the best online buyer I could find. Sold some stuff on Ebay, and Craig's Llist. All this was happening while sending out resumes to any listed job, related to my field. When the results were meager, I had some yard sales and sold items to friends. I was able to collect some money from some loans to family. Both cars died, beyond repair within 30 days of each other. In the rural area I live in, there is no public transport. My son ended up giving me 500 dollars on two occasions, and buying the family a 20 yr old van, to get around. An out of state family member sent 400.00 dollars. Family made the unemployment experience so much more bearable as our lives changed to a family with no job.

Resume after resume went out, little results.

Hit the state job boards, and online news papers to find any possible contacts to send resumes to. Personally visited office after office to fill out applications. Only a few interviews. When you are fired from a job, and there are workers lined up for jobs, your chances are much less than other candidates for openings.

I did have some income, around 600 dollars a month.

My daughter and four kids live with my wife and I. She paid some rent, and was using EBT for her family, I applied for EBT benefits for my wife and I, it helps, a lot. At one point we went to a local interfaith organization to pay a light bill. They kept the lights on. I am able to work off the payment to the electric company by working in the thrift store attached to the ministry. Proud to do it, they kept my electric on.

Any and all places that might have an opening were contacted.

I did keep the internet, and the way too expensive cell phone. The later because I signed a two year contract, and I needed a way to get calls for the rare interview. After several weeks of poor results on my primary occupation, I began to look at any job that I could possibly do, part time or fulltime.

Unemployed how long before you found work?

I was laid off, and I found work after...

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Finally obtained employment.

Managed to land a 36 hr a week job, proud to have it as we are sinking deeper everyday towards bankruptcy. Then my hours were cut to 12 hours, I have continued my job search, trying for full time somewhere. I now have two jobs, with low hours each, both together less than 24 hrs a week.

Talked to a lawyer about bankruptcy.

The lawyer stated that it might be better in my situation to wait on a bankruptcy. She said that more dischargeable expenses might occur, or be discovered. The house that I live in would go back to the bank, so we need to try to keep it, somehow.

A very slow climb back up has begun.

Still managing to keep the house during my third month of unemployment, I just started the low hours jobs. I am answering each phone call about the bills, and talking plainly and to the point, so far I've not been sued. The bank has not foreclosed, yet. I continue to exhaust every avenue for income. Trying to put a woodstove in that I have had for several months, to drop the heating bills this winter.

I have learned about community services.

There are avenues you can avail yourself of. Churches, community organizations, Dept. of Human services, family, friends, and anything you can sell. Collect on old loans as much as you can. Odd jobs, and pay by day positions are sometimes available. Be truthful and very plain about your situation when looking for assistance. Take any job, even a few hours a week while you begin to come back after being fired.

Not everyone has the support I have.

My kids and church have been helpful with needs, they also know where I can get help for utility costs and food give aways at local ministries. It is humbling to ask for help, and knowing you can't repay the help. Prayers always help.

Make the most of each interview or job lead.

Polish your resume. Decide how to answer possible questions you may need to answer about yourself. If you were fired, state briefly why and move on to something else. Concealing information will only be found out later. People are polite and agreeable, you need to sell yourself, and present yourself well. Accepting part time work or night shift work can help you get in the door. Speak positively about former employers. Bring all your references and ID with social security number, to make your intake process easier, in the event you get the job.

Job sources

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Any online source  
Any personal source  
Any published source  
Local and state governments
Federal Government
Online news papers
online job sites for your state and private job boards
Drive by
search specific company websites
Search temp agencies online.
Volunteer, may give job leads.
Place job wanted ad, local paper or Craigs List


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