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Job Search 101

Updated on February 4, 2014

The Job Hunt.

With the economy in a slump and people out of work due to layoffs, downsizing, or closures it is a tough time to be looking for work. There are jobs out there but at this time it is very competitive. Even finding any kind of work now is difficult. I am in the "unemployment" boat now and feel like I am paddling up stream without a paddle. I am hoping for a turn in the tide to ease my struggle with finding work. I have a little tougher time since I am a single parent and can't just take any job. The area I live is seems to be big on "call centers" and their hours can go all night or late into the night. Some of these call centers will tell you they will work with you to get into a good shift. My word of advice get it into writing. Corporate America is not looking out for you, so look out for yourself. This is another hub all in itself.

Before moving on and giving you some great websites, even some geared towards a particular discipline I want to discuss two things. Having a good resume and cover letter. Work on these before you look for a job whether online or in person. Make a template of both so you can update, and gear it towards a particular job. I have more than one resume in my file. One does not have to do a traditional resume with work being in chronological order and towards the top of the resume. If you need to show knowledge in an area that will not be written in your employment section put that towards the top of resume to emphasize your skills gained other ways. As mentioned earlier make a template of your cover letter so it only needs a little editing before submitting for a job.

Technology Jobs.

Technology jobs cover a wide range within that industry from programmers, network administrators and web design. This area is always evolving. I know that staying current in this field requires keeping up with the newest technology. That is one of the reasons that pay is usually good and the stress can sometimes be high. My techie friends love what they are doing and always seem to rebound after having to find another job. Certain areas of the US are more inclined to have tech jobs. Silicon Valley isn't the only game in town when it comes to technology jobs.

When applying for these types of jobs have an online portfolio to show your work, and have a hard copy to just in case a prospective employer want a copy of your work sent via snail mail.

Education Jobs

The all important, we all need education. There is no getting away from it. I know my teenager tries but I tell her it is a must. Like with technology jobs we will always need educators. There will always be a need for teachers in the classroom. There are some very good websites for finding a job in education whether it be for K-12, Community College or a University.

When I applying be prepared that you may have to submit your curriculum. This is another area where having a portfolio may be necessary. One thing that you will most likely be asked is "what is your teaching philosophy".

For me this is an important job and it is tougher today being a teacher than it was just 20 to 30 years ago. I have a number of current and retired educators in the family so I have heard it all.

Freefoto is a great site for pix.
Freefoto is a great site for pix.

Hospital and Nursing Jobs.

This is an area where employment is always abundant. Many areas of the medical profession will see an increase in jobs. There always seems to be a nursing shortage and those that do billing. As we all know we must have those in the medical profession. Until the day of no one getting sick or needing to have their gallbladder removed; like I do, then there will be no need for doctors, etc. I do not see that happening anytime soon or even in the far distant future.

Every town has a doctor; well unless in are in a town that doesn't even have a stop sign. Remember I know live in Iowa and I have been through some very small towns. There is a need for doctors, nurses and their supporting staff. Whether you are an OB Gyn, ER Nurse, Physicians Assistant, Coder, or do the filing there are jobs out there.

Government Jobs.

Someone has to run things in this country. There are a few good sites out there to help you find a job in government. If you are looking for a federal job there are some great sites out there. For state, county and city, many times it is just best to go too their particular site and bookmark their job page. This is good if you plan on working in the area you already live in.

There are jobs in the government sector that I would never have thought of. I have a real estate license in two states and was amazed that there are jobs in the federal government for those of us with a license. There are nursing, accounting, clerking, shipping, and many other jobs listed. You name it is needed.

Motorcycle Industry.

I just had to throw this one in. I have been around motorcycles for 40 years and think I missed my calling by not working in the industry.

There are jobs in the big four, Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda and Kawasaki. They all have corporate headquarters in the US. Are you a motorcycle mechanic? How about sales? How about Research and Development for a US company? If motorcycles are your thing then here it is, a couple of sites just for you.

Me personally; I would work for Ducati. Do you think they would give me one??

Actually I would not be too picky. Wouldn't mind writing for a magazine. Test ride the new bikes; I would be in heaven.


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