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Tips For Getting Hired in Any Economy & For Any Job

Updated on November 19, 2010

How To Get Hired For Your Dream Job In a Tough Economy

In today’s job market, setting yourself apart from other candidates is the most important strategy to getting hired.  In an interview with Jesse G. Rodriguez, Author of, The Business Owners Guide to Keeping Customers For Life and host of Real Estate Radio Network on KGNW 820AM airing Saturdays from 4-5pm in Seattle, WA.  We discussed some tactics and strategies to obtaining your dream job and getting hired by any employer.   

First off, you need to position yourself as the only logical option for the position.  Meaning, you can’t be just another resume in an executive’s inbox with a plain cover letter and a boring email opener.  You need to personalize your cover letter to fit the position you are seeking, highlight your strengths that pertain to that specific job.  Being vague in your opener email, cover letter and resume can put you at the bottom of the list.

Second, you need to dress like you are an executive for your interview, or better.  Men should to wear a black suit with a white shirt and a flat blue, pink, or yellow tie.  Women need to wear a black suit with a matching skirt (or black pant) with a flat white or blue high collar dress up shirt.  Never wear too much jewelry, or show any tattoos until after you are hired.  Always shine your shoes, have your haircut and nails groomed.  Statistics show that Men are more likely to get hired with a completely shaved face.  Women are more likely to get hired with completely shaved legs.

Third, get those credit scores up.  80% of jobs are checking your credit as a prerequisite to being hired.  We have heard horror stories about people going through 3 interviews and they are denied for the job because of low credit scores.  We recommend that you know what your scores are.  Visit and pull a free copy of your report.  If your scores are lower then 700, you need to work with a credit professional to get your scores raised.  You can get a free consultation by visiting or calling 1-800-216-2725  10am-6pm PST.

Fourth, follow up!  If you really care about the job, send an email within 24 hours of your interview.  Tell them it was nice to meet them, and bring up something that you talked about in the interview that pertains to your call.  Tell the executive that you are very interested in working with their company and ask when to expect a call or email.  In a sales job environment, it is helpful to remind them that you are a valuable asset and you have a lot to bring to the table.

Last but not least, give great references.  If you can get video testimonials from past customers, character references, community groups, lifelong friends and family, send them in an email. Videos set you apart from everyone else applying.  Videos change the dynamic of your application; they are very popular and severely underused on the job market.

We believe if you follow these easy principals, you will soon have the a fun, fulfilling job, well paying job that lets you retire early.


1)   Position yourself as the only option for the job, be different from other applicants.

2)   Chose your outfit wisely, you have to play and look the part for the job.

3)   Check your credit scores  If your scores are low, talk to an expert

4)   Follow up, remind them you are alive, and show interest.

5)   Give great references, get video testimonials.

Get the job of your dreams and have great credit



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  • PeytonFarquhar profile image

    PeytonFarquhar 6 years ago from So Cal

    This info works great when unemployment is *not* double digits and climbing and there aren't 31 million ppl under and/or unemployed. Further, I'm talking about the *real* UI rate, not the happy, shiny, sanitized rate the BLS massages/manipulates every time the jobs report comes out.