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Tips For Growing A Successful Business

Updated on March 19, 2014

This Just In! Small Business Hiring Sees Growth

A sign of a recovering economy, small businesses in America are seeing steady growth. As reported by payroll company ADP, small businesses added 58,000 jobs in May, up from 50,000 in April. Of the jobs added, 37,000 were at companies with fewer then 20 workers, while the rest were at companies with 20 to 49 workers.

Although small companies are hiring cautiously, (Surveys this year have found that many owners plan to hire modestly or keep their employment levels unchanged because they're not sure about the outlook for their revenue and the economy) the overall growth outlook for the industry is quite promising. Small businesses make up 99.9 percent of the US economy and almost half of the nation's employment. Growth in small business is seen as a huge factor in economic recovery.

Read the full report here

Planning On Running a Business?

If you plan on running a business, no matter the type, eventually you'll start to see it grow and in order to become successful while it grows, it will require some careful planning. There are several steps a business owner should take to grow his business, but first let's get into what an owner is going to need. It's going to need an owner who is able to plan ahead, has great organizational skills, and the ability to become flexible. Before you decide to take that leap, here are a few tips that every business owner must take into account to operate their business successfully.

8 Tips For Starting an Online Business

1. Become Organized

In order for a business to succeed in today's world they're going to need an owner who has extraordinary organizational skills. When a business is organized, tasks will become completed on time and everyone in the business will succeed. Having productivity software will help accomplish this. Evernote is an excellent application (and free!) that is available on smartphones, computers, and tablets.

2. Save Detailed Records

While operating a business it's important that you keep detailed records so that you'll know where the business stands financially and what potential challenges it might be facing in the future.

3. Recognize the Risks and Rewards

In order to become successful you must take calculated risks to help you business grow. You must determine if the risk is worth the reward, and if it isn't then you probably shouldn't try it.

4. Be Reliable

In order to make money in a business environment it's important that you fulfill your promises to customers, employees, and vendors. By doing so it'll create long-term partnerships and habits that will help you make cash in the future. For example when selling on ebay, every business owner should realize that if you're not a reliable seller then you'll not be in business for too long with negative reviews.

5. Investigate Your Competitors

Business owners must know what there competitors are doing because they could learn from what they're doing right or wrong, and not make the same mistakes.

6. Creativity is Key

Make sure that you're always looking for new ways to improve your business and remind your customers why you're the best. Take suggestions from others and be open to new opinions.

7. Stay Focused

a. If you can make it through the night, then there's a brighter day. Businesses usually have a tough start in the beginning, and then they'll start to pick up, as more and more people realize how fantastic it is. For example if you're starting a business selling wholesale computers, you might not be able to start selling them right away, even though your prices may be better then your competition. Consumers don't like to take a chance on buying expensive items from a seller that they don't trust. As your business grows, it'll start to earn more credibility, and consumers will start purchasing from you.

8. Hire the right individuals

When someone is looking for a job and has all the right qualifications you seek don't just hand them the job. Make sure that they are driven, motivated, and creative to make it in your industry. Once you have found these individuals, make sure that you create a working environment that they can thrive in.

Top 10 Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs

Do You Continually Promote Your Business?

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Promoting Your Business

When going back to my HubPage it was put in a "Work-in-Progress" stage for not promoting it, and well this brought back a good point about businesses. A HubPage lens must be maintained just like a business, otherwise it falls behind other lenses (competitors) and that isn't a good path to travel. In this update let us take a look at how to get a business ahead of the competition.

Well how do you get your business to stay ahead of the competition? There isn't one right answer for this question because there are many different variables for this answer. One way is to maintain your business and keep it up to date. Just like this squidoo needed to be updated, so does your business. Bring in new ideas and try something different to improve your business.

Another great way to promote your business is by using social media. Just like this squidoo needs some promotion threw social media so does your business. Making sure your business is on twitter, facebook, linkedin, Google + etc. is important to spreading the word and this will hopefully bring in new clients if done right. It's also used for SEO purposes but that's a whole other world we will be exploring in future posts. Read this great post about social media marketing to learn more on how this is done correctly.

Hopefully this advice will keep you on your feet about improving your business. Remember to always be hungry and look to improve business everyday.

Tips on Promoting Your Online Business

Looking to build brand awareness and grow your online business? Here's some tips to help promote an online business and get traffic to your website. First thing that should be done is to get your business on all of the basic social media websites (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). For these website's it's important to use your business logo and become an active member. Create a group, follow users, add users, repost, and share fun items

The next item on the list (also the most important) is to learn about search engine optimization (SEO). Although SEO is becoming more difficult, it's still an effective method to help your business succeed online. When it comes to SEO for your business, you could either hire an SEO company or DIY. If you want to hire an SEO company, make sure that they have a exceptional reputation and gather a list of questions to ask them. Here's a great list I found online ttp:// If you choose to DIY, it'll require a lot of research and time to learn about SEO. It's important for a business to rank on search engines. For example, if an online business sells iPhone cases and wants to rank well in search engines, so that when a user searches "iPhone 4 cases" in Google, they can be listed in the search results so users can be directed to their website.

Lastly, it's important to keep an on-site blog that you update regularly. This will help generate traffic to your website. One trick is to use Google's keyword tool to research what people are searching for on the web and writing about it. Make sure this is evergreen so that it'll always be relevant to readers. After this has been set up it's important to sign up for Google Authorship. Read more about Google authorship by clicking the link and seeing how it works. Also using social media is another great way to spread the word about what you've written. This will give you the opportunity to share what your writing to the world.

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