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Tips For Job Seekers

Updated on February 1, 2016

A few do's and dont's

The poor economy, layoffs and doors closing everywhere has created an overwhelming wave of job-seekers . If you are one of those scouring the want ads and enduring interview after interview, you may be asking yourself what you are doing wrong. I am in charge of the interviewing and hiring process for my business, and I have turned away many people who may have been excellent workers, but who made these common mistakes. These are automatic red flags to potential employers, and they will move on to the next candidate.
The first thing you should be aware of is absolutely no phone calls! I do understand that the gas prices may be ridiculous at this time, but if you are truly serious about employment, you should at least be professional enough to make an appearance. Employers see your inquiry into their business as first contact and, right or wrong, they will form their first impression of you based on this brief encounter. It is your responsibility to make it as powerful an impact as possible.
This bring us to the next point. Always be mindful of your appearance when presenting yourself. Whether it be that first introduction or the actual interview, you can always take a few additional minutes to pay attention to details. Ladies: touch up the nails! a touch of polish and a good buffing of the edges look much more professional than ragged edges and chipped, peeling polish. Look at your hands, if you cringe at the sight of them, think of the message they are sending. "I would like a position in your company , I just can't be bothered right now to care for my raggedy nails!". Make-up should be flattering and kept minimal. Clothing should also be flattering. Wear professional, job oriented clothes. Now, the corner grocery will of course be a bit more relaxed atmosphere, but jeans should not look like you painted them on and positively no tank tops! You want to reflect a professional air whether you are applying for a CEO position or a clerk at the store.
Guys, at no time, for any reason, at any job should you show up with your underwear hanging out of pants that are 4 sizes too big for you! You will not even have the chance of a call back! Comb the hair, cover any tattoos, wear clothes that fit and are flattering on you! Clean your fingernails and remove all piercings! No company wants a representative that looks like they were hit by shrapnel! I realize the trends of the day. I have a high school aged son! My advice to him is,"It's your body and your decision, but you will need a job soon, how do you want an employer to see you?". The person the company hires will, after all, become the face of that company.
Bottom line, the more attention you pay to the details, the better off you will be!. Never interrupt a potential employer in an interview. This shows an unwillingness to listen, perhaps showing you would not follow directions well. There is a very fine line of conduct in an interview, do not talk too much, but do disclose plenty of information! Make sense? Don't prattle on about yourself, after all they hold your resume in their hand. Ask about the job. Show interest in the position. Answer any questions fully without rambling. Sit up straight and don't fidget as though you have to be somewhere else.Once in the interview, you are not a guaranteed hire. You are being graded on your performance in the interview in parallel as to how you would perform on the job. Remember that you are not doing this company a favor by applying. There are at least 20 more people out there shooting for the same job you are.
I hope these tips help you become successful in your search. Good luck out there and happy hunting!


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