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5 Tips For New Sellers Selling on Poshmark - My First Week As A Posher

Updated on March 2, 2018

Making multiple sales on Poshmark within your first week as a new seller can be daunting but not impossible! A few key tips for new sellers on Poshmark from a newbie herself. 12 days and counting to be exact and I've had multiple sales in 4 days. It may take a little longer on Poshmark than on Ebay but its worth the effort to sell on multiple platforms. Although there are top 10% Poshmark earners out there giving great advice on how to sell I thought a newbies point of view might help first time sellers!

Wondering Why Your Item Has Yet to Sell?

My strategic advice to nail down a first sale is this:

1. List items that you are willing to sell immediately in your closet. DO NOT wait, just list, list, list! The more listings the better. I compiled about 25 listings in my first 2 days but am shooting for about 50 by my second week. The more listings the better chance of finding a buyer that is looking for that specific item or would like to bundle a few items from your closet.

2. Anything you list for sale on Poshmark should have a great title full of searchable keywords and a great description, that will draw in buyers, get shares, and seal the deal!

For Example:

I'm selling a Coach purse, a descriptive, searchable title, would include the creed#, color, style and/ or condition such as "NWT Coach Hampton 10TH Anniversary Silver & Black Straw & Leather Floral Applique Tote Bag 14867. I'm describing the bag in the picture right below this paragraph, and I think I described it perfectly! Search engines will eat those key words up which means your Poshmark listing is all over the web ready for people who are searching those words.

I sell Authentic Coach ( you may have seen my article on how to tell the difference between authentic and fake Coach on Ebay, if not, check it out: This will work on Poshmark as well !


3. Poshmark is a like a mix between Ebay and Social Media, you need to follow other sellers and buyers. Leave comments, like an item that catches your eye and then share the heck out of it. Sharing is caring people! Its also the main ingredient in multiple sales. When you share other Poshers listings they share yours back (usually) which means it just got put in front of how ever many followers they have, expanding your market of potential buyers. I particularly like to find Posh Ambassadors with 60,000+ followers and then share the heck out of their stuff (that's a lot of people, cant blame a girl for trying, and it must work to some extent since I'm selling!). I will say though I don't share to just share, I share high quality , great priced items so please do check out my shares :-)! And don't forget to share your own listings (I like to do this at least once a day)!

4. Pricing-This is a critical component of making sales. Pricing of an item needs to be extremely attractive to a buyer to draw them in, but at the same time, an item needs to be priced so that you, the seller, don't loose out. It can sometimes be a tricky dance, the key here is to find a balance. The price needs to entice buyers, however, please remember that Poshmark charges a 20% fee on items over $15 and a flat fee of $2.95 for sales under $15. Hint: price an item higher than what your rock bottom price is. If your absolute minimum that you are willing to accept is $40, then price it at $50, you'll find out that Poshers like to make offers (when you accept their offers it gives you both that warm, fuzzy feeling inside; this is good, it attracts repeat buyers). The majority will make a reasonable offer but then you come across the low-ballers. Do not feel bad to decline those offers. After all, your here to make money not give something away for free.

5. Photos-Critical addition to a listing, please take good ones! Very simply put, please take great photos. Buyers want to see what you are selling, every aspect of it. Use a good source of lighting so photos are clear and bright. You can even use items around the house as props/background drops such as that nice full flower vase on your kitchen table. Be creative! If your selling an item that has a stock photo fell free to use it as your main photo or include it in your listing.

Thanks for reading! And just remember, sharing is caring people, Rome wasn't built in a day, and happy Poshing!

Have more tips or questions? Post them below. I'm always looking to improve my selling game!


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    • efeyas profile imageAUTHOR


      16 months ago from Some Sunny Beach, USA

      You should check it out! Great finds and a lot of good deals!

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 

      16 months ago from Norfolk, England

      That's interesting to know. I've never heard of Poshmark before.


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