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Tips For Starting A Painting Business Yourself

Updated on May 25, 2010

In times of financial instability, many people are looking to start small businesses to supplement their already established incomes. One such way is to provide services to the local community such as house painting. The benefit of a house painting business is that the labor is what makes the service so profitable. If you do the work yourself, you can pay little for supplies and make a good extra income from putting in hard work.

When starting a painting business, it is crucial to be knowledgeable in all aspects of the painting business operation. Do whatever it takes to be ready to take on any challenge handed your way.

Do not go out and start a painting business having never done the service you are offering, even if you think that you will be able to paint away with very little experience, do yourself a favor and take classes or group instruction. These classes are often offered at community colleges and home improvement stores.

Considering starting a house painting business?
Considering starting a house painting business?

Start a Painting Business Tips

Always have a back up person or persons to help out on jobs you will not be able to do, or not be able to complete on time. it is better to lose some of the profits by hiring outside help, then to give yourself a bad name by not completing a task or failing to complete it on time.

If you are new to the trade or out of practice when it comes to house painting either indoor or outdoor, offer painting services to family and friends for free or for just the cost of the painting supplies. Starting out offering free services may seem like a waste of time but it can be invaluable and may even lead to contact leads through word of mouth referrals.

Proving to family and friends that you are good at this service you want to offer as a business, will show them your serious intentions and skill. They will be more then happy to not only praise your skills to anyone that comments later on the work you did, but they will most likely pass your name around to anyone who is looking for paint services.

Word Of Mouth Advertising Is Tops

When you are starting a painting business, word of mouth advertising can be your most valuable marketing method in the very beginning when print advertising is still out of the budget. Even in the later months or years when you are up and going and getting much business, word of mouth advertising will still prove to be the mostinfluential method of getting new business. It may be worth offering discounts to influential individuals or families that know many other contacts

For the painting business, research on the appropriate painting equipment and painting supplies necessary to conduct the business efficiently. Invest in the painting materials that fall in the company budget, but that are also quality. Check prices. There are painting stores that offer low prices for same quality house paint for indoors as those of the branded one. Be patient in comparing prices first before deciding on buying the product.

When looking for house painting business opportunities. Post fliers, contact individuals and companies that have rental properties, place newspaper advertisements, consult with apartment buildings, and speak with commercial building contractors. Even a occasional ad on craigslist can't hurt.


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