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Guideline questions to help you transcribe a voice mail more accurately

Updated on December 26, 2013

Understanding the situation under which a particular phone call was made is the best way to make out the words and phrases in a any recorded speech or audio . Here are some few tips on how you can put yourself in a voice mail conversation in order to understand and transcribe more accurately .

If the voice mail is not that long , you can listen to the whole audio first . If it's very long (like an hour or 30 minutes ) you could just listen to about 3 minutes of the recorded conversation . After listening to about 3 minutes of the audio , you should be able to understand the audio conversation or the voice mail - that is the general idea behind the whole conversation . When listening , try to note certain parts of the conversation to understand the situation better by asking yourself some of the following questions below .

What salutation used by speaker ?

You can first of all determine the content of a voice mail and even the relationship between the caller and who ever he or she is calling by being attentive to the salutation the caller would use or how the caller would address whoever the phone call is meant for .

Who is calling who?

Knowing who is calling who is the first thing to know in order to understand the message or phone call and why it was made . It can help you analyze the situation well and deduce the appropriate words fit for the phone conversation . When listening to the voice mail , first ask yourself : is it a father calling a son or daughter? or a daughter or son calling a parents.? is it colleague calling another colleague at the work place? , a client , a contractor . Knowing these first will help you to best judge what the conversation is likely to be about even before you hear the rest of the voice mail . If it's a work colleague calling another colleague , business man calling a client then the voice mail would be about business and or the conversation is most likely to be formal . If it's a parent calling a son or daughter ,husband calling a wife or any conversation involving family members or relatives are usually informal and personal - mostly about a family matter . A phone call between two friends or school mates often is also informal and much more on an easy going level . One thing to note whether a voice mail is formal or informal as well as the relationship between the parties involved is to note the names and how they are mentioned . In formal voice mails , the caller usually would mention their full name ( first and surname ) or title and last name (e.g Mr. Grant / Mrs. Dickson) whiles in informal conversationscallers normally use first names .

Where is the caller calling from/ what is the occupation of the caller(working place) ?

Most of the time , immediatley after the salutation , the caller follows it with his name and where they are calling from - mostly because that is the first time the caller is calling that particular number of person and or that the party being called actually doesn't have the caller's number on his or her phone . Where the person is calling from could also show you the relationship between the caller and the person being called . When the caller is a nurse or a health worker calling from a hospital/clinic or a doctors office the call is basically is to notify or to remind a patient of an appointment with a doctor or for check up or for some drug prescriptions that are ready to be picked up . Is the caller a debt collector? when the person is calling from a debt collection agency they are most likely to talk about a debt collection or claim a debt . When the caller is a real estate agent or mention's in his or speech that he or she is from real estate agency , they are most likely calling about a property or a listing that they would to make an offer or see . if you are able to know the occupation of the caller ( which caller usually mentions at the intial parts of the voice mail , after the salution usually)- , you will be able to determine what the conversation will be about . or be able to deduce determine the situation under which the phone call was made . It is therefore very important to listen to mark the the occupation and where the caller is calling from to help you transcribe accurately .

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