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Tips On Getting A Job

Updated on June 16, 2017
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Brittany Banks is a young woman who likes to help people in difficult situations.


Some places will not hire all year round, so you may not get hired right away. The more applications you fill out and turn in, the better the chance. Most places have applications that are online, but some still do paper applications. Don't stress out and never give up on finding a job.

Creating A Resume

It is professional to have a typed resume. Collect all of your job history like pay-stubs and addresses. The person that hires you will want to know about your previous jobs. Find some people that you can use as a reference. Previous co-workers or managers will be the best, because they know how you did on the job. Always add a skills section on your resume. Are you great with time management and customer service? If so, add it to your skills section. Never add your birthday on your resume. They will ask that during the hiring process. Search online and choose a lay out for it. There are a lot of ideas that you can look up online if you need some help. Print extra copies, so you don't need to go back and print each time. Store your resumes in a folder somewhere safe. After you apply to the job rather it's online or not, go in and turn in your resume.

Cover Letter

After you turn in your resume, ask if they need a cover letter. A cover letter is a paper you will need to type up and it explains why you would be good for the job. If you need an example of a cover letter, there are plenty of websites online that have that. Ask yourself why you would be good for that job and why they should hire you. Type it up and make extra copies just in case.



Call three times a week and ask for the hiring manager. Go in there and talk to them as well. It shows how determined you are about getting the job. If they say they will call you, don't wait and call them. You will have a better chance calling earlier in the day. There is no excuse for not calling or going in the work place. You need a job right?

Always groom yourself and shower before an interview.

The First Interview

It's normal to be nervous for the first interview. Depending on what job you are going for, you will need to dress casual or professional. Remember to breathe and relax before you go. Greet the person who is giving the interview and introduce yourself. Give a firm hand shake. A good hand shake will look professional. Always make eye-contact and have confidence in yourself. The interview may take up to a half an hour to two hours. After the interview, call them twice a week to check back.



It will take time and effort to find a job. Don't worry and keep trying. Be confident and set yourself a goal. Apply to multiple jobs at a time. If a work place isn't hiring, check if the other one is. If you end up not liking a job, make sure you find a new one first before you decide to quit.

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