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Tips On How To Apply For Translation Jobs

Updated on May 22, 2013

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Freelance Translator Job Application Tips

Here are some good guidelines on how to get hired or gain another clients as a translator.

1. Write your application letter perfectly.

If you are a language service provider, specifically a translator, so make sure you write your application letter with perfect grammar, punctuation, spelling and with proper format. It would reflect what quality of service you are offering.

2. Don't set overhyped claims.

Don't set over-hyped claims - that you can do perfect translation, or deliver work anytime at any volume. This is always not true, since you're amount of work vary and that nothing is perfect.

3. Indicate your language pair.

Make sure to mention your language pair on your letter, it is very important for the client to see this as soon as he looks at your application letter.

4. Don't be a master of everything.

Client would prefer someone who is good at something than hire someone who claims to be good at every or all language pairs. Clients want to be safe in hiring someone who knows a lot about a particular language/skill. Offer yourself as a specialist first then perhaps later you can go and offer more services to that client.

5. Send a resume that is easy to save.

If you send your CV online, make sure it's easy to copy from and paste to, a company need not to spend more time entering your information to their data base.

Translation Jobs Application Tips
Translation Jobs Application Tips | Source

6. KISS (Keep it straight and simple).

Keep it straight and simple. Make sure your cover letter is straight to the point. Clients need to know:

  • Language combination
  • Your specialty
  • Education and experience background
  • Translation tools you use
  • Your rate

Do not send any references or certificates unless it is asked.

7. Build rapport by mentioning your sources.

It would also help in building rapport if you indicate how you heard of the business. If you are referred by a colleague or friend, you found them online, or referred by your previous clients.

And also remember that you may not get responses immediately. It would take a while or even months for a company or business to be needing your translation service. So don’t fret over those wasted resumes, who knows someday you’ll received a call or email from one of those offices.


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    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 4 years ago

      Translation is a very important career field. Great hub.