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Tips To Gen Y With An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Updated on April 16, 2014

The problem with most of the young entrepreneurs is that they believe that their academic background will help them in succeeding in their business. But they do not realize that they may face trials and difficulties that may be 'non-academic' by nature. In other words, these trials or problems may not have any prescriptions in the academic education these young entrepreneurs may have had.

Unfortunately, there are not many resources that may guide these young and enthusiastic lot. Not only that, even the successful entrepreneurs who belong to the previous generation fail to mentor leaders of their next generation though grooming the next-generation leaders is itself an essential leadership trait. But despite this, a 'talent explosion' seems to be taking place and a number of young men are dreaming big and they want to wear the entrepreneurial garb.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, it is true that education provides you with sufficient knowledge with which you will be able to grasp things faster. But will your education give you the insights that are required to solve the adversities or trials you may face during the course of conduct of your business? The following tips may come handy for you and these tips may be useful at the time of starting your venture as well as during the course of conducting your business.

Right Choice of Business

Many young people start a business just because they have heard that there are huge margins in that particular business. This is wrong. The right approach is that they should make an honest assessment of themselves and know their capabilities. It is better if they start a business about which they know and which they like. Especially, if you choose a business you love, you will have the required passion to learn things fast and succeed in it.

Do Not Look For Outside Investments

Young people may have a notion that if they have a good project, they can raise the required capital easily. But unfortunately, it may not be very easy because they have not proved themselves yet. The best advice is that you should start with whatever amounts you can mobilize. It is not necessary that you should begin on a large scale. You can start small and try to grow the business. The expenses of the business in the initial stages should be well within manageable limits. In short, you should simplify everything and should aim to prove your capabilities. When you are confident of demonstrating your competence to investors, you can look for bigger capitals.

Why Should You Be Afraid Of Failures?

You have dared to dream and so, you should not fear failures also. You cannot assume that there may not be obstacles. Just because there may be hurdles, you should not be afraid of taking chances also. But when you take chances, you should make the right assessment of the situations and make informed decisions. Taking risks without assessing the situations may fast-track your failure. Even after having all the information and after taking all the precautions, you may fail. But every obstacle or failure should be a lesson for you. You should be prudent enough not to commit the mistakes the second time.

Importance of Planning

You should make a business plan. No amount of education will teach you how to make a business plan. In fact, there is nothing called a perfect plan and no plan can perfectly suit all situations. You need not go in search of a soothsayer for having predictions about the future. You should just have a plan and start implementing it. As you move along, there may be situations that may warrant you to make certain modifications to your plan and you should not hesitate to take this step. The point that is stressed here is that you should not take a plunge without making a plan.

Split Your Goals

There is nothing wrong in dreaming big. But you should aim to achieve incremental successes which means you should split your big goal into small and achievable goals. Even small successes will do a world of good by boosting your morale and enthusiasm.


When you decide to begin a business, you may find a number of opportunities that may be alluring. Refrain from jumping at every opportunity you come across because this attitude may dilute your focus. You should focus only on a business you love and you are capable of doing. If you work with passion and a laser-like focus, nothing can stop you from succeeding.

Focus On Customer Satisfaction And Not On Profits

You cannot succeed in your business if you are not able to sell your products. You may have dreamed to earn a lot and become a millionaire or even a billionaire. But this may not happen overnight. You have to take care of every customer. Instead of focusing on how much profit you will earn out of each transaction, you must focus on adding value to your service to your customers. This will automatically help you in expanding your client base and in increasing your sales.

Take Care Of Your Health

Being a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur, you may tend to over-work. But you should not fail to do your exercises, eat the right foods and take sufficient rest. In short, you should be in the pink of health if you want to succeed in your business.


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