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15 Tips for Hiring Salon Employees

Updated on July 1, 2013

The beauty salon business is one of those businesses where the salon staff acts as a care-giver and not just a service provider. Therefore, it is extremely important to hire great salon employees because they are instrumental in ensuring the success of your salon business.

You can identify a great staff member if he/she has strong work ethic, high achieving personality, and genuinely cares for your business. In salon business, there’s lot of direct interaction between your clients and your staff. Therefore, you must hire individuals that have a friendly personality because that will make your clients feel more comfortable and secure while they are in your salon.

If you are new in the beauty salon business or have been operating your business for few years now and are upset about the under-performance of your employees, here are some tips that should help you find your next stellar staff member (and retain them).

15 tips to hire salon employees

1. Know what you want in an employee before you begin the hiring process.

2. Look for people who are interested in growing your business.

3. Hire people with the right appearance and who are interested in ongoing education.

4. Hire people who are going to show up on time.

5. Hire people who are team players.

6. Hire people who handle conflict well.

7. Hire people who know their job is a privilege and not a right.

8. Hire people who are going to create a relaxing environment for your clients and co-workers.

9. Hire people with good communication skills.

10. Do not hire out of desperation.

11. Salon employee training is very important. Hence, after hiring your salon staff, provide them with adequate training and an assignment to work on - this will boost their confidence and they will get familiar with your salon environment.

12. Always try to enforce a “Zero Gossip Policy” in your salon.

13. Encourage your employees to be proactive problem solvers.

14. Appreciate your top performers each month either by rewarding them or applauding their efforts in staff meetings. This will instill a competitive spirit in your team.

15. Encourage your salon employees to continue cosmetology education online to stay updated with latest trends in hair and makeup.



Ideally, your salon employees should be interested in providing excellent quality service, believe in ongoing education and work together as a team in your salon to also make it fun. Finding such staff members may take time, but it is worth the effort.


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