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Tips for Joomla Mass Emails

Updated on January 25, 2012

Joomla is a content management system (CMS) that helps website owners build a membership website. Online marketers can increase profit potential by effectively using Joomla's mass-email system (see Sources for more details on how to use this feature). Like any good marketing technique, however, this feature is subject to abuse. By learning tips for using mass emails, you can make more money from your Joomla site without alienating your membership base.

Site News:

Many times, you may add additional features to your Joomla-powered website. Sending an email to all of the members can drum up interest in new features. However, try to keep these kinds of emails to important news directly related to your website. This type of email should irregular.

Special Offers:

As with site news, don't overdo special offers. The number of times you mail really depends on the goals of your site and what kind of business you are operating. For example, if you sell books in multiple niches, you can run specials across those niches at least once a week. But if you only sell one product, then running a discount special once a week would get really old and cause you to lose credibility.

Article Sites:

One major feature of Joomla is the ability for members to write their own articles. In this case, you can send out a digest of your favorite new articles on a regular basis. You could send a mass email maybe once a week with these article updates. This is also a good idea for featuring contributors, which can motivate your top writers to get busy. You can even run a contest for the best article and feature the winner in this kind of mass email.

Industry News:

Depending on the niche you are in, it is possible to send out daily mass mailings. This would be appropriate for Joomla sites that focus on sports, the stock market and other types of niches that have daily activity. Of course, if you are selling propane or something like that, there aren't going to be interesting daily changes in the industry that would warrant many mass emails. As with anything, this can be overdone. Do not send out multiple emails every day. This is bound to upset many members. Put your best information in one mass email if sending out daily.


Some Joomla owners have a tendency to mail out messages for Christmas and other holidays. This is generally appropriate only if you are selling things that would make good Christmas gifts or items relevant to another holiday (chocolate for Valentines Day, costumes for Halloween, etc.). People don't need random good wishes from Joomla website owners. Email is not like TV commercials or radio. People like to keep their emails down to a minimum, so taking every excuse to send out an email can cause you to lose members.


Joomla: Mass Mail


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