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Tips for Writing Professional/ Business Letters and Also How to Present Yourself Professionally

Updated on September 20, 2016

English is not a tough language to write or speak, but when it comes to business deals and we have to send an email or negotiate with other people, most of us become clueless. We don't get it what to speak and how to convey our thoughts to others.

So, here are some tips on basic problems that we deal, almost daily, in our professional life:


How to write a Business Email?

  1. Your intention for writing the email must be clear by your Subject as reading the complete email depends on its Subject. So, give a clear title in your Subject box.
  2. Begin your main content with a greeting, for example, ‘Dear Ms Evans’. It also depends on your kind of relation with the other person. If you know the person very well, use their first name. If you are writing to them for the very first time, then use a title before their last name such as ‘Ms’, ‘Mr’. On the other hand, there are many names which sound unisex. If you come across any such name, then write ‘Dear’ and the person’s full name.
  3. Now, if you are writing in reply, then use “Thank you for your message” as your first sentence. If it’s you, who is writing to them, then use “I am writing to inform you about …”
  4. Always use complete sentences as it is a formal message. Try using words like ‘please’, ‘request’, ‘kindly’ if you are asking the receiver to assist you in something.
  5. If you want the person to contact you or reply the message as soon as possible, then begin the sentence with “Please let me know if …”


How to write a report?

  1. Before writing the complete information in the report. Make sure you have included a small paragraph in the starting that summarizes your intention of writing the report.
  2. While giving the information, do not forget to answer the expected questions such as, where did this information come from? And what all information you have gathered? Explain each one of them in detail.
  3. Highlight the important points in your report. Also, mention the advantages and disadvantages with each of them, if any.
  4. Give a vivid description of your ideas with reasons and what, according to you, the company should do.
  5. Make sure that your report is short and precise giving the complete information to the busy managers within a fraction of second.


How to write minutes (summary) of a meeting?

  1. Your content must include the duration of the meeting with an appropriate title. It must also include the names of people who attended the meeting and the date, time and venue.
  2. Write the discussed points under different titles as per the requirement. It is recommended to use numbers rather than bullets to state the points.
  3. Do not forget to specify the most important information that was discussed in the meeting. Also, mention the decision that were taken and out of which how many of them were agreed.
  4. Do not mention all the points. Remember you are just writing the summary. So, it is better to write the important points that brought some outcome of the meeting.
  5. Use the formal and unbiased language. If there was serious argument during the meeting, then instead of writing the names of the persons involved, it is better to write a statement like “There was a heated disagreement”.


How to write a letter of complaint?

  1. Use formal tone while writing your letter. It is recommended to use ‘Dear Sir/ Madam’ when you are unaware of the person’s name for whom you are writing the complaint.
  2. While writing such letters, it is always good to begin with “I am writing to complain about …”
  3. Write each relevant point and give a clear description of why you are facing the issues. Do not make any comparisons, indeed use a neutral tone.
  4. Make sure you have included the conclusion with your letter that talks about what you want in return whether a refund or exchange.
  5. End the letter with a formal note. Write “Yours faithfully” at the end of it along with the signature of your name.


How to improve your negotiating skills?

  1. While negotiating with someone, it is more important to listen carefully rather than speak too much. When the other person is done with their point, then you must repeat those sentences in your own words, which will show that how serious you are about this negotiation. It will also give you the chance to take control of the conversation.
  2. Keep calm and do not get annoyed. If you do not get anything to speak further, then buy some time saying that you need to find out what is the best possible help you can get and will contact back immediately.
  3. Also think about feasible compromises, if necessary. Do not make promises that have less chances of getting fulfilled.
  4. Tell the person confidently what all you can possible do for them. You must start by saying “Unfortunately, we cannot give you everything, you have asked for, but we can…” This will make them focus on your positive side. It will also increase their trust in you.
  5. Do not get too tempted and make some fake promises. Instead, stay calm and clear when telling about the possible help you can give and stating honest and clear reasons on why you can fulfill their all demands. At the end, you must make them understand your point of view.


How to improve presentation skills?

  1. Speak about yourself confidently and give a clear introduction of your topic. Make sure you answer three important questions in your introduction, which are, why are you giving this presentation, what are you going to discuss about, and how long your presentation is going to take.
  2. Talk about your content by splitting it into points, so that the audience remember your presentation for a long time.
  3. In the end of your presentation, give clear and concise conclusion that make the audience remember your complete presentation. Also, give them opportunity to ask questions from you.
  4. Before giving your presentation, think about the relevant pictures and examples that you wish to associate with your each point. Speak your points with little gap between them.
  5. To make the presentation more effective, use visual aids such as posters or slides which will help the audience to understand your point more clearly. But do not put too much written information in your slides as audience will stop listening to you and their focus will shift to your visual aids.

After watching the video, do you think Steve Jobs had great presentation skills?

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    • profile image

      Matt 11 months ago from Sydney

      Great read, thanks for that!

    • FelishiyaPS profile image

      Felishiya Fiamma 11 months ago

      Yes CYong74, it happens most of the times in business deals. In fact, in my previous office, I have seen it happening multiple times.

    • CYong74 profile image

      Cedric Yong 11 months ago from Singapore

      You highlighted an important must for negotiations. Stay calm! Shrewd business people often work subtly to incense their opponents, so that wrong things and impossible promises are said.