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Tips for effective time management

Updated on November 21, 2015

We plan to achieve certain goal or task done over a period of time. But many of us fail to do it effectively and end up in a hurry trying to complete them. The result!!! low quality of output, dissatisfaction and lower success rate.

This happens to most of us because we waste our valuable time during the initial process period prior to completion.

First of all why do or where do we waste our time?

1) Chatting, gossiping, leisure: We always do things which we love or what interests us like chatting, gossiping, taking long leisure etc. In trying to do something forcefully like the task or goal taken up, which is less interesting makes us feel bored. So our mind tries to brood over things which are more interesting to it than on to that it is forced to do.

2) Family, friends, home affairs: Next reason where we spend more of our time is in the family, friends, home and other affairs which hold our curiosity for long and we spend more hours and days thinking and solving the problems of above affairs. Even after the problem is solved still we hold the topic instead of giving it up and going on to our task.

Hold Your Time- It waits for none

Courtesy; Flickr commons
Courtesy; Flickr commons

What makes us Focus and Enhance our time management

We see certain people have impeccable time management and success in their goals. What makes them do so.

1) Doing what you Love:As a common example notice children. They always tend to do what they love with great passion and excitement. They even reject and also avoid doing what they don't love when forced to do so by parents and teachers. Similarly when you do what you love, you spend full energy and enthusiasm in doing it and also try to complete it with passion.

The great cricket maestro Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar remarks: I’ll quit the game the day or the morning I feel I don't love playing it anymore. Even Edison and other great scientists could spend most of their lives in labs experimenting because they loved what they did.

2) Fear of time limit:In a job or business project which we take up, there is a time limit given to complete the task. This gets fixed in the mind subconsciously that you need to finish the assignment at the stipulated time. This fear in the mind is aimed at saving future projects, demand, reputation, reliability, job, promotion etc.

People of this mode though have good time management, they are always prone to stress. They are even more susceptible to be affected by major health and mental problems.

Tips to improve time management or time utilisation

Taking these facts into consideration, lets see what are the necessary steps to focus and do things by passion and love for the goal and there by achieve time management.

a) Try to see the positive aspects of the task given to you like what is its objective, contribution to you and society etc. This builds in you respect and dedication to it.

b) Visualise the final results of task competition and how you will enjoy the achievement. This makes you work for it passion and excitement.

c) Divide the work into many small pieces and do them piece after piece. Because a long journey starts with a single step and accomplishment of each piece make you satisfied and take the next one..

d) Mind always likes a change in between so you can shuffle the order of work pieces involved in completion of task to get interest.

e) Find and involve in groups perceiving similar tasks as you. This creates further interests and helps us focus because, talking about the work increases the depth of knowledge and rises further interests in it.

Time management in our daily works

♦ Plan and keep thinking about the works you need to do in the day from the time you wake up in the morning.

♦ Use initial peak hours of the day for your primary tasks because the mind is fresh and ready to concentrate well. Then if you are:

In Corporate job:

Chances of time waste in office include doing things of others prior to what is entitled to you. So, better finish your work and then look into other's requests.

If you are not aware of how to do a particular task, you may loose time in trying to do them on your own or you may further commit mistakes which may need you return to it again. So to minimize time loss by this mode better ask and learn from others or other sources to save time.

In Exam preparation:

Mind may brood over other issues in spite of book present before you or the speed of coverage of topics may decline. Then either go for a new topic in same subject or change the subject or try to frame your own questions in the topic and solve them. This can avoid mind brooding ;-).

In Busyness management:

Have first hand knowledge of all utilities, people, technology, social conditions around, expenditure incurred etc required.

Try to minimize your manual work by allotting those tasks to an employee and focus on plans to improve the business because intense manual work makes you exhausted and unable to think clearly until you regain you fitness.

Get certain things done by other established companies’ intended for the purpose.

Basic principles for time management in life

Avoid being depressed or come out of it immediately because this makes your mind weaker and wastes your valuable time for a quite long periods. Remember you are not the only person facing depressing situations, every human and animal faces some or other hurdles or troubles every day but how you take them matters in reaching your target.

Avoid temporary infatuations to something attractive or impressive because remember every distant hill looks clean and neat.

Remember your primary duty is more important than other part time jobs or interests you perceive. so, have your priorities right.

Attending other's issues or interests is important but don't make it a primary aspect. If you do so you will end up only attending others issues with little or no time for your’s

Wake up early, sleep not more than 6-8 hrs, because this gives you more time in a day.

Avoid sleep during the day till you complete your goals, unless you are demanded by your work schedule.

Follow some breathing and other physical exercises daily to keep your mind and body fit.

Don't ever comprise your diet, cleanliness and health.

These tips save huge amount of time for your dreams in life.

Thanks :-)


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    • Goodpal profile image

      Goodpal 7 years ago

      Keeping the mind clear and uncluttered is an important basic issue. In confusion we can throw away even the best laid out plan. My practice of mindfulness helps me keep my thinking clear and focused. It helps in many areas besides time management.

      Thanks for good tips.

    • profile image

      Blair Stover 7 years ago

      I find that making a brief out like of the day can work really well. However, it is important to make sure to leave some room open for things that may come up spur of the moment. By having a list you can see everything that needs to get done and there is satisfaction of crossing them out as they are completed. Great hub!

    • Pete Sardino profile image

      Pete Sardino 7 years ago from Off Piste

      Thanks bheem, you are very quick indeed. However when I am moving forward so rapidly and then saving much time at work, so that I can daydream, then I am accused of--daydreaming! Even though it was more efficient, really.