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Tips for making Free Documentaries

Updated on July 27, 2016

You have an idea for documentary but don’t know how to bring it into action? Here are the amazing tips which help you in focusing on the creative challenges for documentary directors who wants to woo the audience.
Choose people who are in the same boat like you and are supportive

If you are a fresher to the filmmaking, choose people who are similar to your position and is looking for making a name. You will have to take some time of your schedule and hunt down for talented aspirers with same position in their career like you and it will benefit you in the long term.

Attend film festivals, chances are you will find many supportive communities who can talk and offer advices. You can meet people willing to make free documentaries like you. People who are interested in free documentaries are those who are willing to contribute.
It isn’t easy but it’s not that difficult too….if you enjoy.
It is not an easy process and you might not really all pleasant days and then you will also have a good day if editing which pushes to continue doing. Most of the time, it sucks. For the beginners making free documentaries, you might think you are the worse filmmaker and that it won’t turn out to be what you wanted. Its ok, first learn and enjoy the process. It is a long time thing and if you can’t enjoy, it will be too hard for you.
Have clarity on your vision. It avoids all the questions on your choices. Be clear about your intentions. Take the feedback, but have your own perspective.
Do it without making Excuses.
“I want to focus on storytelling, writing, and want to direct,” you have got to be making a film for proving you as a filmmaker. Avoid making excuses, leap into action.
“I love the concept of free documentaries but seems like you have to do a course or have an experience in – Like Basketball Game. “ If you always felt this is the thing you want to lay your hands upon, and then do it. Never make excuses. Every pro was once a fresher, remember it. It’s easy to say I wanted to do, I was planning but. Avoid Ifs and Buts, if you want to, go ahead with it. You will look back after years and would be glad. It’s better to be disappointed if it fails than to regret not doing anything.


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