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5 Tips on How to Sell Your Product Better

Updated on September 27, 2011

Selling online is just the same as selling in the real world. People who buy online also have the same needs and wants as people who walk into shops.

They buy things that they would buy in the real world online and they usually will return to you in case they were happy and satisfied with whatever they bought from you.

It does not matter what the product or service you offer is, it does matter how you market it. In case you are out to make a killing in a short while your marketing plan will be very different from what you would do if you wanted to build a good solid business foundation.

In this hub I outline a few tips on how to sell your product. Hopefully the way to present the best offer to the right audience will click for you here. Remember if you are looking for a long term deal you need to have a good product base to be successful.

If the basic product is no good, you can do all the fancy marketing you like but the sales are eventually gonna drop and stay down. So you may want to stop right here and examine your own motives before you push a product that you know in your heart is inferior.

What are you looking for -

A get rich quick scheme?


A lifelong business that grows?

If you are looking for the latter option then read on to see what steps you can take along the way to ensure that you make more sales of this excellent product that you are offering.

1. Have a Unique Selling Point

The unique promise is not just a spiel, it is actually what the customer is looking for. If you product is a mere clone of a million other similar sites there is going to be no rush for its sales. So make sure that it actually does have that USP!

2. Customer Support After Sales

The one mistake that a poor salesman makes is not follow up on a sale. The customer usually needs some help with learning to use or handle the new product that he has bought. If you provide that after sales service that makes him comfortable he is more than likely to buy from him again.

3. Give an Unbeatable Offer of a Guarantee

Most of the companies offer a money back promise, or a return policy guarantee and other such incentives. So if you have a product that is common then you will need to push to give a unique and unbeatable offer to the customer. You may need to work around to come up with one that is best suited to your product and customer.

4. Add a Gift Bonus

A mystery gift is a good way to spin sales your way. People love getting a free gift, even better if that free gift is a mystery one. Of course the free gift will also have to be a good product and not something useless. It is best to make it an accessory to whatever product you have sold the customer so that they can use it and try it out. They may even be tempted to buy more accessories.

5. Offer Seasonal and Predictable Discounts

With most customers a discount is a major incentive to buy a product. If you hold an annual sale with fifty percent off you will find a number of people will actually wait for the sale to buy the product.It may give you less money per sale but will make up for that in the volume of sales.


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    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 6 years ago from India

      I always like working with people who have a solid product because I know they will provide good customer service too.

      Plus it is difficult to have a truly unique selling point in today's market of duplicate products, but you can just as easily make customer service your USP!

    • kerlynb profile image

      kerlynb 6 years ago from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^

      USP is absolutely important. It's great that you pointed that out. It's also the most difficult thing for sellers to provide. It's really tough looking for USP but no seller should go out there without knowing his or her unique points. Otherwise, he or she would just be drowned in competition :(

    • Sinea Pies profile image

      Sinea Pies 6 years ago from Northeastern United States

      Very good hub. I especially like your point on customer service. Some salespeople are afraid to find out if their customers are happy or not but it is an important habit to get into.