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Tips on How to Work Online From Home

Updated on January 29, 2013

Writing Content

This is a fairly well-known technique, and I would admit, it isn't the easiest for making a solid living wage; but if you like to write, are willing to learn search engine optimization (aka SEO) techniques, and can follow trends, you just might give this a swing. There are multiple online writing opportunities, with HubPages being only one of them. The best part is you can set your own hours and write about what interests you. Find your niche, cater to your audience, and be active. This means promoting your work through social networks, and back-linking from other places. You can even start a blog that expresses your individuality and passionate interests.

Start a Virtual Bookstore

College students who make a habit of selling their books at the end of each semester are sure to validate that books sell...and they sell well! These days nearly everyone is looking for a deal, and it's just so much easier to shop from home. Use this to your advantage. You don't have to rent out a building to start a business when you can start a business from your own home. That makes sense, right? Target potential clientele and cater to their interests. You might consider your own as a starting point.

Do You Have Style?

Are you the type of person who just knows how to match up clothing with accessories? Are you often complimented on your taste in fashion? Are you good at just making an outfit work? Well, then, selling coordinated lots of women's clothing on eBay might be right up your alley. All you need is a good camera, some fashion sense, and maybe a mannequin -okay, you might not need the mannequin, but it makes for more professional photos. If you've ever stepped foot in a thrift store, you know that some people donate fabulous clothing items with popular brand names. Match styles with seasons, fit and color, along with suitable accessories, and you might find a lucrative business from home.


If you have a good eye for beauty, this might be the one for you. Begin with some photography classes and get yourself a decent camera. You might start with a good point and shoot to get the hang of it before you invest in something more costly, though. DSLR cameras are standard for many photographers, but can run high. Take photos of friends and family, and create your own website to display your portfolio. And learn Photoshop; it's just fun!

Patience and Vision

Not everyone can work from home online successfully; it takes patient and diligence. It takes a clear vision. But if you stick with something you are good at, promote it, and keep at it, you might just surprise yourself.


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