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Tips on Opening Your Own Bar

Updated on August 26, 2014

People usually joke around that if you love to go to bars to drink and socialize, then it would be a good idea to open your own. Whether this will be the foundation of your new business or it has always been your dream, opening a bar is no easy task. There are a lot of factors you should consider.

I suggest you start by reading the following tips and take them seriously.

1. Start from scratch or buy an existing business?

If you can find a bar and you think you can either continue its success or improve upon it, then by all means try to purchase it and run it. It will make your life as a businessman a lot easier because almost everything has already been set up for you. You already have the physical aspect of the business and if it has been performing well, you also already have a regular clientele.

Of course there a lot of people who would still prefer to start their own business from nothing. There’s a certain amount of pride in it since you’re the one who started it and guided it to success. Certainly this is a case to case basis.

2. Do a market research first.

In short, do your homework. Do not invest a huge amount of money on a bar without your having any kind of information as to who are your target customers, if the location is a good one, what kind of drinks should you serve, and many more. If you have the money for it, hire a research firm to do it for you to make sure you will have reliable information in your hands before you make any decision.

3. Hire the right kind of people.

As a rule of thumb, hire people who have experience working in a bar or restaurant. The logic behind this is simple: they will need less training. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t train them at all especially if they lack the experience. Take for example an RSA training or Responsible Service of Alcohol training. If you’re starting a bar in Australia then this is a requirement for your staff members, from the manager to the servers. You will need this to serve alcohol not just in a bar but also restaurants, cafe, pub, and any other place that offers alcoholic drinks. Contact a training school to help you with it.


4. Find something unique about your bar then highlight it.

Did you create your own signature drink? Is it the location of your bar? Is it the way you serve your customers? Whatever it is, you must have one unique feature about your bar that people will always remember you for it. When you find what it is then emphasize on it through your signage, costumes, and advertisements.


5. Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance.

Hire a consultant. Especially if this is your first time to open a bar or any business for that matter, it makes perfect sense to get a consultant who will feed your mind with the right tips and advice. If not a consultant at least a mentor. Look for someone who has been a success in this kind of business and get his advice. Let him speak his mind on what he thinks about your business idea. And take it like a man and improve from it.

Get started with your bar!

You will never know it until you’ve started it. So do your research and get started with your dream bar.


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