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Increase Effectiveness of Your Management Skills: Successful and Proven Tips

Updated on April 16, 2014
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Effective Business Professional
Effective Business Professional | Source

Tips to increase Effectiveness of Management Skills

How to successfully improve Effectiveness of Management Style

Every professional wants to go higher and reach the top in his career span. While some struggle to survive, some seem to moving up as if in an elevator of success. Here are some evergreen and proven tips to make your management style more effective.

Effective communication in organization
Effective communication in organization | Source

Communicate Effectively

Good communication is the key to success whereas a bad communication is the greatest barrier. The essentials of a good communication are that it should be simple, clear, crisp, two- way and preferably direct.

This will ensure that the recipient of the communication gets to understand exactly what is conveyed to him and in case of any doubt, he has the option to clarify. A good quality of communication from the top is that when conveyed down the line it is carrying the same underlying message and is understood by one and all.

To increase effectiveness of the communication skills, attention should be paid to all round improvement – involving verbal (face to face, telephone, voice mail), written (e-mail, letters, memos) and non verbal (body language).

Remember to be polite and concise in all your communications.

Be a good listner
Be a good listner | Source

Be a good Listener

Research tells us that we can hear if we listen. Listen with concern, listen with empathy. True listening comes from being focused and concentration on the person with full attention.

Be appropriately dressed

An attire to suit the occasion will not only generate a higher level of self confidence with a positive frame of mind, but will also evoke favorable response from the target audience. They say, “well begin is half done”. So why not think smart and put your best foot forward.

About the Author

Sundeep Kataria is the founder CEO of a Management Consulting Firm, which was established in 1991 in New Delhi. He professionally started the trend of CV writing in India. Till now he has helped hundreds of professionals in their career advancement with his expert services like CV Writing, Interview Coaching, Career Counseling and Executive Coaching.

His services are sought by professionals from all the fields and from fresher to top management level.

The contents of this hub are straight from his years of professional experience.

A pleasant facial expression with a Smile

Your face is the mirror of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Effective managers must communicate their ideas in a positive way. There is a Chinese saying “A man without a smile must not open a shop”. Therefore, keep your expression pleasant and cheerful – not only while dealing with others or working in a team but also when you are alone.

Treat others with respect

Every human being craves for importance and respect. Therefore, you should treat every person as you would like to be treated. Recognize others’ achievements, talents and skills. Respect and value their time.Recognition is number one motivator.

Learn the art of appreciation, do it even on a small successes of your subordinates. Even criticism can become an appreciation if appropriately conveyed with right approach and interlaced with words of praise.

Develop Human Resource
Develop Human Resource | Source

Develop your Human Resource

Mr. Ratan Tata, one of the most successful industrialists of our times once said that human resource is the most valuable asset of an organization.

People will be more loyal if they know that their talent and dedication will be rewarded in your company. Promote people from within. They will do their best.

Best Inspirational Quotes for Team Work, Team Building Training

Delegate and team work
Delegate and team work | Source


You cannot and should not attempt to do everything on your own. Learn to delegate and share tasks which some else can do.

Develop the skills and confidence of your juniors. Make them focused on the jointly agreed goals, let them write their plan of action. Give them the benefit of your experience and vision in the form of your suggestions and recommendations. Then allow them free hand to execute. Let them take decisions independently. Your team members should be accountable for the successful completion of task / generation of profit.

You should motivate them for higher productivity and profits.

Think and practice win – win
Think and practice win – win | Source

Think and practice Win – Win

Effective long term relationship requires respect & mutual benefit. When dealing with others, first establish rapport and find common goals. Then proceed to build on this common ground.

Leaving no scope for negative emotions, you will have a long term deal in your hands.

Think from the perspective of your customer

All business organizations need to be profitable to stay in business. It is the sales which drive the profits and the sales come from the customers. A satisfied customer will always return to buy more and recommend your company's products or services to others too. Therefore, you need to not only know your customers well but should always be updated about their tastes, preferences, needs and wants. Not only you but the entire organization should be customer centric.

You should be accessible even to the smallest customer and employees. You should meet every one and you will know host of vital information, problems and solutions.

Be and be seen as a “Solutions Provider”

You must be a doctor of problems' solutions. Diagnose the problems and challenges; provide or suggest most suitable solutions for effective results.

Learn from your Role Models

There are successful people all around - in every society, every profession and every industry. I am sure there are a few around you too.

Select them carefully, befriend them, study their good habits and emulate them.

You may want to read more about in my hub Common Habits of Effective CEOs, Winners and Successful People. Emulate them if you too want to be at the top.

Focus on Expenses

Unreasonable expenses and travels by you or your subordinates should be identified and controlled. Money saved is money earned.

Be patient and persistent

Nothing worthwhile or spectacular was ever achieved overnight. If one approach is not giving the results then try the other or the other one…….. till you succeed.Hang on, don’t give up.

Know your job well, do it well and be better than anyone else doing it.

"Author: Sundeep Kataria"

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How To Have Better Communication Skills

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    • Sundeep Kataria profile image

      Sundeep Kataria 4 years ago

      Thanks epbooks for your visit and nice comments. I am a great fan of your writings too.

    • epbooks profile image

      Elizabeth Parker 4 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      Many great tips here. Perfect for job hunters too!