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Tips to Not Drive Away Your Non-Profit Donations

Updated on December 19, 2017

Here are some tips by which you can avoid driving away your non-profit donors

When your organization’s donations and contributions are drying up, it’s time for you to look at the internal controls to determine where things are going wrong, and take a correct step to resolve things.

Here you go:

1. Don’t underestimate the personal touch

When you make personal connection with your donors and supporters, they will want to make more donations to your organization in future as well. But mostly importantly, if you want your donors to stay in touch with your organization and contribute more, you need to make them feel as an integral part of your organization. Make them feel happy and contented, they shouldn’t feel as if they are the money makers for your organizations.

Stay in touch with your donors and supporters. Keep them updated about your new ideas, plans and strategies. From phone calls to emails inform them in whatever way possible. Make them feel directly involved in the great work of your organization.

2. Communication and engagement is the key to success

Are you utilizing all potential channels and tools to engage with your supporters and donors? Get engaged with your donors and supporters through your websites, blogs, newsletters and social media pages. Let them know about your new plans and ideas. Provide them with the details of what they are supporting and what are the results. When you reach one of your goals, make sure you inform it to your supporters. Furthermore, see to it that you have appointed a team member on hand to answer the queries of your donors and other people. The more connected your supporters feel to your cause, the more likely they will be to make a donation.

3. Make your information accessible

If you have nobody on board to respond to the questions of your donors over the phone and emails, consider making the key information about your organization available online.

People won’t like giving their hard-earned money to organizations whom they hardly know. So do all the possible ways available to get your information updated and available to all the people out there. Your website should include contact information, schedule dates, causes, upcoming events and seminars, keep it updated. See that your social media platforms should always be updated as well. If they are giving you their money, they will definitely follow you on social media to stay in touch and see how their donations are being used.

4. Make non-profit donations convenient

Make things easy for your donors and supporters by giving them convenient and easy options for donations.

There are tons of mobile apps and giving solutions, get in one for your organization. Utilized the power of these apps and smartphones by making the process of giving easier than ever. Allow donors to give when they feel like, do not burden them for contributions, give them the full right to stay in their comfort zone and then donate. Plus these mobile apps allow you to share donation links on your website and social media pages, which in turn allows your donors and supporters to immediately give with just few clicks.

It’s time to get a step ahead and stay connected with your donors, and make things easy for them. It’s time to think and then act!

5. Make your site responsive

Almost all of us have the accessed to our websites on mobile devices. In fact, most of the people might be visiting your website from their smartphones. But what if it’s not responsive? What if your donors don’t get quick and fast replies to their queries? And if your site doesn’t respond, you are at a risk of losing your donors and supporters.

It’s all like choosing a right path or direction to succeed, so stay focused and value and respect your donors and their efforts.

6. Is your donation form easy?

The first step to get in more giving is to get people on to your site. Once they are on board, it becomes easier for them to donate no matter where they are.

Donation forms run the gamut from stunning and touching to annoying. And henceforth, the best thing is to make them easy and simple with less complications and tantrums. They should feel joy for giving and not a job. Check that your forms are available and can be opened from different browsers, make sure you have got a confirmation and a thank you email or a note set up in the end. Acknowledging and thanking your donors is very important. They should be overwhelmed.

7. Create a recurring giving campaign

People want to support causes that they come across online or from some other platforms. But there are times, when they can’t make a one-time gift, maybe because of their low budget or some other reasons.

Therefore, it is best for organizations to create a recurring giving program, as this method keeps donors and the supporters involved and engaged with a steady flow of income for the organizations. So it’s time for your organization to organize a recurring giving program, and send a personalized message or an email monthly to your donors, thank them for their help and let them know about the amazing results because of their donations.

8. Get a newsletter or downloadable asset to collect email addresses

People would like to hand over their email address only in exchange for something. So make sure that your goals are clear and gain trust so that when someone gives you their email address for a downloadable asset, they’re automatically opting in to your subscriber list. Give them the ability to opt out. An email address is the beginning of a relationship with a visitor who could potentially become a donor, so be mindful of the content and frequency of the messages you send.


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