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Tired of Chasing Friends and Families - You need to Stop

Updated on April 13, 2011

Old School Business Methods

In the History of the Internet Marketing - the old school methods were the starting point of a business opportunity. This included a very formal introduction of taking friends and families to the hotel meetings, pitching and convincing them to join the business. Once, this was a success - the same strategy continued in multiple chains. 

This became such a menace where people who were not interested to start a business or get into a business opportunity - were constantly harassed for getting into a business. In the meetings, they were presented with different lucrative models - of growing the business relationships. The meetings never emphasized on the different methods without bothering the people around. Moreover - this exercise never ends. The real success comes only from the sale of products both from the prospect and also the downlines recruited by the prospect. This got increasingly difficult - as many people who joined the business couldn't bringforth the expected results. As a result of this - many people who joined the business quit.

The other downside of chasing and harassing friends and families is - It created a very toxic environment around in the society. It started staining the relationship between people. The hotel meetings always were filled with strong motivational talks to be positive and maintain attitude. Ofcourse, these qualities are very important for bringing success in anything. However, it should be used in the right path. 

These days, the old school methods of cold calling, talking to all the people we know will never work. These techniques need to be revised - and we should all learn to use the new principles of attraction marketing.

About Attraction Marketing

If you have decided to stop chasing friends and families - and want to learn new methods of lead generation - you need to attend this. I will personally guarantee you - that you will surely succeed in your mission.


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