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Titanic - My own Night to Remember

Updated on July 27, 2012

The author presenting that most famous of all sea stories

That most famous of sea stories retold

Welcome to My Own Night to Remember.

A few days ago I went to see the three dimensional version of James Cameron’s wonderful film, Titanic. Of course, I’d seen the earlier 1997 - or was it 1998? version and had thoroughly enjoyed it. Moreover, I’d later a bought a video tape of the film and viewed it a number of times. I thought, therefore, that when I went along this last time to view it in 3D, that it would be a largely an academic-type viewing with me looking for ‘3D effects’ rather than my becoming immersed in the story.

The Captain's Table before the guests arrive

How can one not be deeply moved?

That was not the case. I was once again immediately drawn into the plot, the drama, the spectacle of the whole thing and transported back into that world which existed some quarter of a century before I arrived on this planet. I was drawn in, and found myself deeply moved by all that happened throughout the story.

The guests begin to arrive, welcomed by Captain Edward J Smith himself

Our lovers, Rose and Jack...will never age

It was a story of young Rose, and Jack, of course, and a lot of the overall Titanic happenings were gone over fairly quickly to keep the viewers’ focus on our young lovers rather than on the multitude of events which led up to the collision with the berg. Nevertheless, it was a tremendous film and one can easily appreciate how it won so many awards.

A very memorable evening

Only a few days earlier I delivered a presentation on the Titanic before an audience of 154 people. I told the story. This delivery was part of my High Performance Leadership Project (HPLP) with Toastmasters International to go towards my obtaining my DTM or Distinguished Toastmasters accreditation. It was a huge project which I and my Action Team had been working on for a whole year. The vision had been three fold: to promote Toastmasters to the world-at-large, to move me towards my DTM, and to give a lot of people a terrific, enjoyable and very memorable evening. This we did. I include in this Hub a few of the pictures taken at the event.

Some of the one hundred and fifty-four guests

...and some more. All First Class, of course

Is this Lady Cosmo Duff-Gordon?

Tremendous atmosphere

I called this project Titanic- a Night to Remember, as did the author Walter Lord with his best seller back in 1956. The reason for this was obvious – I wanted people to remember, and I’m sure they will. One of my friends, a Toastmaster who has been a Toastmasters for a quarter of a century, and a professional speaker, told me that it was the best evening he had ever had. “ It had everything,” he said, “Tremendous atmosphere, wonderful table layouts, excellent service, scrumptious and well-presented food. The people dressed up in their 1912 period outfits, the MC, the toast, the acts. It was all First Class! And, Tom, that was the best story I have ever heard told by anyone. “

It was worth all the hard work

Well, I don’t need to tell you that I was very happy about that. It made all the hard work, the frustrations, and angst worthwhile. I felt it was good. I knew it was good. However, I will know more about what I did well, or what was not done so well, once I get my hands of the DVD which has been made of it. I look forward to that.

Tom presenting the Titanic- A Night to Remember

Will the story fade...or will it go on?

To get back to the RMS Titanic. The Centenary has now passed, and one wonders if the story will now fade, fade into oblivion as will that giant shipwreck, two-and-a-half miles below the surface of the North Atlantic will fall into nothingness on the sea bed. Or will it go on…as the song in the film says…go on, and on, and on in the memories of humankind… I hope it does.


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  • Tusitala Tom profile imageAUTHOR

    Tom Ware 

    6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Thanks, Mart. Glad you liked the Hub. Would you believe our Toastmaster photographer took over 400 pics on the night. Then so did many of the guests. And, the my speech was videod. Have yet to view it.

  • MartyWare profile image


    6 years ago from New South Wales Australia

    Very cool indeed. Glad to see that it went so well!

    Tom's son Marty The SEO Dad!


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