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How To Become a Good Real Estate Broker

Updated on August 17, 2016
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herrypaul has a bachelor's degree in English Literature, he likes analyzing economic, political, literature, and religion views.

How to find percent of real estate broker.
How to find percent of real estate broker. | Source

It's easy to find a real estate broker, but it's hard to find a good real estate broker!

The statement above it looks very simple, Perhaps becoming a broker is easy, but to become a good real estate broker is hard to do. (and the statement about how to find percent of real estate broker, I do not want to comment on this writing). This is my experience and I want to share with you.

When you invest, with buying a house, then sell it, so it is selling directly or through a broker. The first choice relieves you of the commission you have to pay, while the second choice makes you to be willing to set aside a commission (In Indonesia, the commission sets three to five per cent) to the broker.

How to be a Good Property Broker?
How to be a Good Property Broker? | Source

A broker is a person or an institution that is between a seller and a buyer. In some business, his presence often seen negative because he often burdens the cost and causes the price of being not competitive again. Or, e.g., in business mine, position mining which can not find well to create a condition of a broker is better than other.

Good real estate agents can be difficult to find if you don’t know the qualities to look for.
Good real estate agents can be difficult to find if you don’t know the qualities to look for. | Source

In former times, in the world of broker, real estate brokers also seen negative. They were land brokers submitted commissions to land lords and increased the price exponentially. As a result, land values were expensive and disadvantages to consumers. This sort of thing is still inherent in mind several sellers and conventional real estate buyers that feel that they have been harmed by the presence of brokers.

But brokers, in a modern real estate scene, are holding an important role . With getting more complex real estate scene , a broker can be a good adviser to us , both limited information coverage and the difficulty of a broad exposure to information on real estate are a challenge to Where a broker plays an important role. Usually a broker has broad access to a prospective seller and a prospective buyer , so he can be an accurate adviser to us .

From the promotional costs, a broker saves the costs of these. Several brokers are who hold lease ads in the media and they can help advertising many real estate in one page so the cost of ads every house or land (for building) is cheaper.

A broker also acts as a mediator in negotiation between a seller and a buyer. There are often some people who do not feel good at negotiating directly; A broker can balance both sides. A broker can also be a place to make any complaint if one of the parties does not feel satisfied with the other side. They can also help us do things that are irritating, e.g., business admin.

An ideal broker, of course, is like the description above. In addition, there are also a lot of traditional brokers just help find buyers from close friends, there are also brokers of just put a signboard –they just wish there are buyers that suddenly come and directly agree with the prices offered. The rest, is business of sharing the commissions.

Good brokers, Of course, are active brokers. They also have broad access and can build a proper relationship. As sellers and buyers, you need to understand that a broker is not only an advertiser of a signboard, but his activeness and service should we evaluate. Do not get you invite so many property agents to install the nameplate on your property and make exposure that property of ineffective.

It will be more dangerous when consumer perceptions appear that think of you are desperate to sell the property. They must have thought your property is overpriced or there is a problem in the property you selling.

I concluded:

A broker, in the world of real estate, is considered as a bridge between a seller and a buyer so there is a property transaction. A broker is actually “ the problem solver” who helps solve a problem between a seller and a buyer ,and who helps transact safer, quicker, and more efficient with a proper price.


In the process of transaction ( houses, lands, and other property), a certified real estate agent usually sets standard commission. It is defined for: a 3% commission to a selling price is less than or equal to 1 bn (IDR); a 2,5% commission to a selling price is greater than 1 to 3 bn (IDR); a 2% commission to a selling price is greater than 3 bn (IDR); a 5% commission to rent.




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