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To Free Or Not To Free?

Updated on August 15, 2012

Free Giveaway?

Out of the 10 different marketing seminars I have attended this year, one word has been heard throughout. Free. Give something away. Give some value first, then people will buy from you.

What do you think? Is it true. Should you give something away for free? Should you never ask someone to buy anything. On many of my sites, I gave value plus free reports. In addition, I have some items that people can pay for.

What is interesting to me is that even with a very low price, I do not get many sales these days on some items. Items I used to get good dollars for.

Have we made it so that everyone expects free things all the time?

Has the internet and it's billions of free websites downgraded people's information to free only.

What do you think? Please, take some time and answer the polls. I appreciate your feedback.

Free or not to free?

Do you give away free reports on your site?

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How Much Do You Charge For Your Average Info Product?

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How Are Your Sales Compared To Previous Years?

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