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To Live or to Make a Living

Updated on June 6, 2012

Like in times of an epidemic when it has become important to not hide the name of the danger that is facing a population and not only people are talking about a crisis but even the authorities are. The whole world is talking about this now. The word crisis is sterile enough to be applied to all symptoms of social and economic upheaval. As is this were the only problem!

We are now again living in times where the barriers of the sciences are mixing together and when romantic doctors and mathematicians and economic experts are acting as prophets and poets who can literally cure the worlds problems. It seems as if the crisis cannot be localized to just trivial areas such as economic decline or politics. It is hard to localize problems in the media and is often easier and safer to focus on the global crisis in general. Because it is difficult to talk about specific problems, we have taken the more comfortable route by focusing on The Crisis as a one dimensional thing that is just there all over the world. It might make people feel like they are all in this together, when in fact the crisis obviously is having varied effects in different places.

We know that capitalism as a whole is facing a "crisis"; and there is also a crisis facing the capitalist manufacturing system, consumerism, the price of raw materials and even Western Democracy as a whole. All of this is grouped together into one thing in a very primitive fashion. Closely tied to the general crisis are other, smaller problems that are in fact even more important in our daily lives. These can be call the crisis of making a living. This is in fact very simple, we just need to learn the lesson: raw material reserves which are unsellable; big business which has closed itself into its castles in the sky; production systems which have become anarchic in their helplessness concerning the economy etc. Nobody even thinks that running parallel to the crisis of making a living there is another: the crisis of living? The crisis of making a living is actually just an effect of the crisis of living, which might sound a bit of a romantic and foggy idea at first glance.

It is impossible to just make a living when actually living is so stressful, and vice versa. It is not enough to simply just make a living when our lives see few benefits besides just actually getting by. Making a living is not the same as living. Most Americans who actually have jobs and make a living have hardly any free time to enjoy living: traveling, taking a normal yearly vacation, taking part in hobbies, spending time with family, playing sports etc. Those who are unemployed and have time on their hands obviously cannot really enjoy themselves as they are usually on very limited budgets and are having enough stress trying to find a job. On the other hand those who do have jobs are constantly worried about losing their jobs, paying debts, paying bills etc. It is almost a no-win situation. Living and making a living are closely related and cannot really be separated. They effect each other. Of course it is hard to actually live without having the means provided by making a living. It really is a conundrum that is effecting the globe at the moment and shows no sign of letting up.

To live or to make a living, that is the question: or even better yet, how can we combine the two in a comfortable way with the one not taking away from the other?


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