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To Start A Business Doing Something You Love

Updated on March 20, 2014

LOVE What You Do!

Do you love what you do?
Do you love what you do?

What Sort Of Business Do You Want To Create?

There are many guides available out there with practical information about how to start a business. This is not one of those guides. This is something else. This is just me sharing my personal experience of what really works to create a successful and enjoyable business and what leads to failure.

I believe there is a big difference between starting a business and building a business you LOVE. I have tried both and my experience is that only the latter is worth spending time on. So when I talk about creating and building a business here, assume I am talking about a business you love.

Also I don't believe that you have to work excessively or burn yourself out in order to create a business. In fact I believe your creation will be better if you don't do either of those things, and you will certainly be a lot healthier. You see in many respects you are your business. And certainly the quality of the energy you put into creating your business will have an impact on the results you get.That is not to say you won't have to work at all. However it is important to make sure your actions are thoughtful and inspired actions, rather than just a lot of empty busyness.

if you are going to spend time creating something isn't it worth creating something of good quality that you enjoy?

Have you noticed how the most successful people are often the ones who don't work so hard? Instead they are efficient, focused. There is a calmness about them.

So this article will discuss how you can build a quality business, doing something you love, that is highly successful.


In many respects it doesn't matter what field of business you choose to go in to as long as you feel passionately about it and you LOVE it. Passion is the driving force behind what we do and create. If you do something without love, joy and passion I do not believe it will make the same impact on the world, and it certainly won't give you as much pleasure.

It is my experience that when someone does something purely to make money they don't tend to make money at all. Or even if they do they still don't feel happy, so in essence they don't have true wealth. And this is because the passion is missing.

However when what you do lights you up, you will derive great pleasure out of seeing it grow and develop. This passion is also what will keep you going through the challenging times, when you may otherwise have thrown in the towel, and will ultimately lead you to success in your business.

Find what you are passionate about and start there.

What Can You Do To Start Your Business Today?

How can you start a business doing something you love?
How can you start a business doing something you love?

Wealth Consciousness

If you had asked me about wealth consciousness a few years ago I wouldn't have had any clue what you were talking about. Since then I have studied it in depth.

This is how I describe wealth consciousness - Wealth consciousness is your awareness of the wealth that is available to you, the opportunities for wealth around you and your own ability to generate and receive income.

Perhaps I would also add to that, in order to have true wealth consciousness you must have a good relationship with money and be able to handle it well when it comes into your life, so that it can continue to grow and support you.

If you think there is a lack of money for you then you have not developed your wealth consciousness. If you think that there is a lack of opportunity for you, then you haven't developed your wealth consciousness.

We are all bombarded with MILLIONS of pieces of information every day. We have filters through which we take in this information and which make up our individual perceptions of life. These filters are created and molded from our previous experiences, up-bringing and so on. Our filters are responsible for the information we receive about a situation. Two people can look at the same situation and perceive it in a completely different way. People with developed wealth consciousness can see an opportunity to receive money where a person with under-developed wealth consciousness will not.

Have you ever bought a new car, only to start seeing lots of your type of car out there on the roads, where you had not noticed them before? That is your filters at work - you simply were not aware of those cars before. Exactly the same thing can happen with money and wealth. Start to see the opportunities!

Become aware of the opportunities.

How Do I Know About Starting A Business You Love?

I know this because I have had several businesses in my life. None of them were very successful until my most recent business, which IS very successful, and more to the point very enjoyable! It sustains my husband and I, and I love it right back.

Do you think it is strange to think of a business this way? It is only once I started to think of my business this way that things began to work for me.

My previous business attempts were at best mediocre, and at worst total failures.

So am I a different person? No I am the same person, I just have a different awareness now about the rules of success.

The skeptics among us will say that the success or failures were something to do with the business model itself, or something to do with some kind of outside set of circumstances. I know this isn't true. I have seen people succeed and be very successful doing the same things which I failed at, and using the same business models. And I have seen people fail at the very thing I am now succeeding at!

Perhaps I didn't try very hard with my previous businesses, you may say. Again this is not the case. I tried VERY hard. And I worked REALLY hard. But that wasn't the answer here.

I was never going to be successful at those previous businesses because:

A) I was not following my true desires - I was not on purpose

B) I didn't love those businesses in the way I love what I do now.

C) I didn't know about wealth consciousness then or practice the laws of success.

Those are the reasons I failed before and I am succeeding now. Sure I liked what I was doing before and I worked hard. And that simply isn't enough.However it doesn't have to be really hard either, you just need the right knowledge.

An Amazing Book To Help You Succeed In Your Business

Start With Your Desires

If you are a bit lost as to how to make a start with your business, then start with your desires.

You have your unique desires in life for a reason and you are not wrong to want what you want.

Write out a long list of all the things you love in life and the things you desire to do. Your list might include things like traveling, family time, being in nature, shopping, staying in 5* hotels, rescuing animals or whatever. The point is your list will be as unique as you are. And your list is also a golden opportunity to get inspired with business ideas.

Once you have made the list, sit quietly, relax, cast your eye over the list and see what ideas, based on your desires, come to you. You may be surprised by what comes up. Don't discount any of the business ideas, however far fetched they may seem. Jot them down and give them some thought. Explore the possibilities. Notice if you are drawn to any one idea in particular.

This is where your business creation can start.

Once you have your idea you can look into the next steps. No need to be overwhelmed, just break your business goals down and literally work out the next couple of small steps then take them.

"Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" ~ Lao-Tzu.

Want To Know More?

I hope you have found some inspiration in this article.

If you have you may like to know that my husband and I escaped the rat race last year (2013) and sold all our possessions to set off on a travel adventure around Europe. I created a writing, coaching and affiliate business doing what I love - Inspiring other people to reach for their own big dreams.

If you would like to learn more about how we did this and how I built up my online business go here: Escape the Rat Race.

Have fun!


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