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To Write a Printable Book

Updated on October 20, 2011
Writing a Book
Writing a Book | Source

I often , like most of us on hub pages, have thought about writing a printable book. A book that has numbered pages and possibly a cover and hardbound to withstand the years of sitting on shelves, or to be read .I am an article writer that has thought  about writing a printable book that has a publisher for years and I have the stories. What kind of book are we talking about though, a children's book , and autobiography book, what is it that compels you to write this printable book.

I would have to day I would like to spend the time to write a printable book ,and yet the subject matter is of concern for me, as I would like to write an autobiography on either my best friend ,"Harry" whom is 88 years old and more lively than some 20 year old, and or myself in my escapades as a photographer, traveling to get the shots that no one really took ,except the several galleries I am in. I even thought a children's book is an answer, yet most younger children's books, have little words and lots of graphics, and I am not much into the graphics or illustration's for a child.

I think my printable book should be an assignment that I have not received as yet, because as one publisher has told me , Your knowledge and respect for the elegant writing form is not adequate for a book, Christopher. I would of never used that publisher anyway, someone snubbing their nose into my face and telling me I cannot do something, is a challenge, therefore this article came about. The printable book would have to interest a crowd of people or relate to an experience ,or a mystery where it leads one to keap reading to get to the approximate end of the book to explore why whom did what and how it was done.I think that is a printable book, called a mystery, I am a bit goofy when it comes to writing fiction, I am too serious about myself, and though I can make fun of myself, I am not sure where that will fit into a printable book.

I do know this, I feel that a printable book will be made about my experiences with ,"Harry" a man whom had such a great influence over my life and at my mid30s changed my life so as I could live more in a manner consistent of the word of the Bible, what a great man, whom feels no pain when it comes to surgery and feels no illness when he is sick, he just himself. I think once I get my goal done, a personal goal, I will write about ,"Harry", he could influence possibly more mid range adults that anyone I know, and I dearly love this man. A printable book it will be then, when the time comes, or if an offer hits, to write about someone else I do not know, maybe the answer ,until then get use to me on here for a while.

Christopher Hyer 2.18.2011

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