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To achieve efficiency in working

Updated on May 30, 2015

To achieve efficiency in working

In our time we are used to live in very competitive and advanced working culture surrounding us. To make quick and remarkable progress we must have a good strategy with clear understanding of all substances around us. There may be plenty of workloads on us but if we can adopt smart working it will reduce burden as well as give us recognition of an achiever in eyes of our colleagues and peers. A lot is needed indeed to outshine our competitors by far margin and in order to stand alone from the rest of the crowd. Our working strengths depend on our health. If we can fix time for Yoga, meditation and other physical exercise in the morning it refreshes throughout the day and won’t make us tired till end of the day.

Apart from hard working virtue, inter personal skills also help you to deliver more. If you have very good understanding with seniors and juniors who work with you that will certainly help out you all the time. Ultimately, your good behavior will create a positive atmosphere around you that may play crucial role in increasing your efficiency. Good and cordial relations with immediate boss matter a lot in smart working in office. While prioritizing things put all the tasks on top what boss has desired. Keep ready your suggestions on each task given by the boss. Wherever you feel even a little space of improvement, do that and don’t hesitate to put forward your suggestions how the things can be done better and more efficiently henceforth. Keep all the things precisely and appropriately ready before your boss in every meeting.

Make the optimum use of your resources. While working with your subordinates communicate properly and plan the things well prior to execution. Delegate your tasks well among them as per their merits. To get to know about effective delegation you can read my other hub ‘delegation of tasks’. Keep a good feedback mechanism of all tasks given to them and ask their suggestions for further improvements in the processes. Finalize the key results areas (KRA) and give them feasible targets to achieve. Motivate them and create an atmosphere of competition and enthusiasm among them. Appreciate them on achievements and make them feel to realize their mistakes. Inspire them to learn immediately from and not repeat the mistakes. Speak to your team members effectively and listen carefully as well. Lead always from the front confidently and vigorously so as to give an exemplary leadership.

Be very sharp in your communication. Put reminders on emails until the completion of tasks. Instead of paper & files keep your all stuff in your computer and encourage your peers too for paperless working in office. Inspire them for a hygienic and healthy atmosphere. Be efficient on emails with reminders and trail males while communicating and coordinating with your team members. Make the best use of your mail box by creating different task folders for your usual follow-ups with colleagues and clients. Timely reply of emails and messages is essential for the effective and fruitful communications. Make a schedule for regular checking and working on emails during the day despite of your busy schedules and meetings.

Always lead a well-balanced life. You must devote time to your family and friends as well. If your family is happy with you and whatever time you remain with family that passes with great happiness and enthusiasm this will must help you to achieve greater efficiency in your professional life too. Never let appear any kind of disappointment or frustration at home that is related to office matters. That may ruin your personal as well as professional life. Apart from being a responsible professional it’s equally important to be a responsible citizen as well. Find out your time to attend festivals functions and celebrations along with family members and friends. Theses all activities are important for your all round development and a better perspective of things at all.

A person who is efficient in office happen to be efficient everywhere. Punctuality and discipline are must in life, and they contribute a lot in increasing the efficiency. Sound sleep and good healthy food will help you meet your commitments and maintain your energy level as well. Positive thinking and strong mindset will always motivate you to achieve your goals and tend to get the higher efficiencies.


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