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To be me, or not

Updated on November 7, 2014

Affirmative in action?

Affirmative Action deems the plausibility of creating diversity in the workplace. The similitude of my given definition does not do justice to the intent of that law; nevertheless, there is a diversion in methodology being applied to this law when it comes to hiring practices. The target group are now Muslims (or foreign names outside of "Smith" and "Johnson").

Would you change your name if it means getting the job you want?

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Change name, or no job!

There are no excuses given,but the blatant attempt to make you aware that your name will hinder your progress in finding work or being accepted as human has come to the forefront (or being ignored by all, though obvious).


I am not sure how to respond or comprehend the realization that your name can prevent you from being fully accepted. Your rose-colored glasses cannot dampen or beautify the blatancy of such discrimination. Realizing that a professional woman of color, and a Muslim has more of a burden to overcome discrimination while inner pleadings for someone to acknowledge the creative years of experience laid down on a piece of paper, if read. The scenario in your mind is that your name on top of the resume flashes like a neon sign in front of the critique of fear and close-mindedness.

Integration, or separation?

Is it possible to eliminate the Jim Crow law effect of modern day society? The difference in this type of scenario is that Muslims are being asked to integrate more in society rather than being "separate yet equal" (Wikipedia, 2014). That possibility includes a plethora of what is considered non-Muslim supremacist behaviors and attitudes. If possible, just simply change your name, and acceptance is yours.


Or, do as some have done, just send a survey on demographics then follow with a rejection letter.

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