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To Remove the Poverty of India and the World

Updated on June 27, 2017

The three important points to remove the poverty and hunger of the people are:

a) Centralization of power up to the village level.

b) Hearing the advice of the efficient people and

c) Putting the responsibility on the honest people.

Firstly all the people should be given employment, to remove the hunger immediately.

Secondly, in India, as it is an agricultural country, all the rivers in the east should be joined through canal and joined in the Cape Comorin. Likewise, all the rivers in the west should be joined through canal and joined likewise, in the Cape Comorin. This is very important because this will make India fertile and provide more food and agricultural employment as a result. This water canal transport will be very convenient and relatively cheaper. There will be no floods, droughts and their relief. This is very urgent. Water should not go waste into the sea in the east and in the west.

A country should give employment for all the people in the production of essentials and then in the production of export items. There should be birth control for all; a couple should have one or two children and not more than that.

Honest people are at least 1% in the society; they should be given responsibility in everything.

Those who are 18 years of age should be given employment immediately in the production of essentials, in agriculture and cottage industries products, and they should be given food for their work to remove their hunger immediately. Those products should give profits within 3 months (wheat, paddy, vegetables etc). The most important point is that people should be given employment with very low capital investment of Rs 10,000 (USD 150) or less down to Rs 1000 (USD 15) for a single person. Then only we can give employment to all. This is very important.

We cannot remove hunger and poverty with large scale industries, or medium or small scale industries even, because they require more capital investment per person. Well educated persons should be given employment in small, medium and large scale industries.

Honest distribution system is essential. Everything should be purchased by honest wholesalers and distributed to the honest retailers within 5% profit. Everything should then be supplied to the honest retailers within 10% profit. Honest distribution system for essentials is a must. Nothing is possible without honest people. All producers should get a profit of 10%.

Basic needs of the people:

a) Running water for drinking and other uses.

b) Toilet access

c) Basic clothing and 2 pairs of sandals,

f) Umbrella/cap for heat protection

g) 3 square meals

h) Bedding that includes Mat, pillow, bed sheet, mosquito net.

i) Electricity

j) A roof under the head: tin shed, stone walls, tin door, light, ceiling fan

k) Free medical facilities

l) Free education

All of the above should be provided to remove the hunger and poverty of the world.

Rivers should be well utilized for producing food and basic needs such as electricity, transportation and related employment.

In summary, with providing the basic needs of the people right away followed by providing employment for the people, the respective governments can provide all of the required conditions for the success of the people. Thereby everyone in the country will have a good opportunity to get out of poverty and hunger.


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