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Toastmasters Speeches on Video

Updated on April 14, 2011

What is Toastmasters and What Are All These Videos?

Toastmasters is a public speaking organization. Local Toastmasters clubs are places where people gather to practice speaking in front of a room. I've been in Toastmasters since 2007, and it's one of the best investments I've ever made in my personal development. After being in the club for a short while, I decided to start video taping my speeches. This has paid off enormously. I'm sharing them here in the hopes that some other Toastmasters will follow suit. Video tape is something that every Toastmasters club should be using in my opinion.

Toastmasters Speech: Video Taping Your Club Speeches

Toastmasters Speeches on YouTube

Toastmasters International Speech Contest (2008)

Toastmasters Speech - The Realities of Network Marketing

Toastmasters Speech - Improv Everywhere


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