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Toby Larocque: A Great Personality and a Great Entrepreneur

Updated on July 29, 2016

Since his childhood, Toby Larocque wanted to be a successful entrepreneur and he really nailed it. Today, Mr. Larocque is known as a VP, Director of Operations in NebuCore. He is also involved in 2 independent charter operations in Mexico for deep sea fishing.

Let's go back in the time and find out how did he manage to be a great personality and what challenges did he face in the way to become a successful entrepreneur?

Toby Larocque completed his graduation with a degree in Business Economics and Spanish from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2000. After passing out, he accepted his very first job in a public accounting firm. He worked there for some time, but he soon made a big decision that has changed his entire life.

Toby Larocque decided to step-in to the corporate world as an owner of his first firm, namely 'Firefly Imports'. To take the business to the next level, Larocque and his partner travelled to Indonesia. As soon as the business started doing well, due to a sudden downturn in the economy, the firm had to be closed down.

However, without losing heart, Toby Larocque moved on to a new venture, which was into the fishing charter operations in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. What a change it was!

They say, “The life of an entrepreneur can never be predicted” and this is what the journey of Mr. Larocque proves. His deep interest in the internet marketing and web development enforced him to enter both the businesses, as he created an online presence and learned how to increase the customer base. Toby Larocque wanted to give the web application solutions and marketing solutions to the global clientele, therefore, he formed another company with a name Targeted Advertising Solutions, LLC. This business was a big success and it helped him make huge earnings.

The next goal of Mr. Toby Larocque was to try hands into the world of eCommerce. So, he decided to run a new company with the industrial filtration as the prime product. The name of the company was Killer Filter, Inc, and as per the expectations, the company did really well.

Killer Filter, Inc, was sold out, however, Toby Larocque decided to create a new company using the same platform, which was used for Killer Filter, Inc,. The new company name is NebuCore, which is known for providing cost-effective eCommerce solutions to small to mid-sized businesses.


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