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Tongue Scrapers, Snuggies and Gray Hair Concealer Pens! I love the World of Infomercials!

Updated on January 16, 2010

I am a night owl. Always have been always will be! Late night television (and when I say late night…I mean REALLY late at night) is very interesting. When I'm working on my computer late at night, I often have the television on in the background and more often than not…an infomercial is on. Sometimes, the product being sold catches my eye…while other times, the entire infomercial will go by and I couldn't tell you (even if my life depended on it) what they were selling! I thought I would share a few of my favorite infomercials with you. Maybe you will recognize a few of these products…and maybe, just maybe you have even purchased one of them! If you have, leave me a comment! I'd love to hear from you!

Not a good idea to use your tongue scraper on your dog.
Not a good idea to use your tongue scraper on your dog.

Tongue Scraper - Daily RX Tongue Care System

Ok, I know what you are thinking…a tongue scraper? Actually, many people have bad breath because of bacteria that collects on the tongue…so a little tongue scraping now and again isn't a bad thing! Along with the tongue scraper comes a bottle of refreshing tongue spray that contains Zytex. The two items work together (spray your tongue then scrape off the…well, for lack of better words….gross stuff). After a week or so of spraying and scraping, you should have a fresh clean mouth (no more bad breath!). Hmmmm, might be worth a try. Spray, scrape…spray, scrape…..

The Snuggie

Now the Snuggie (better known as the blanket with sleeves) is one of my all time FAVORITE items. WHY? I don't know. Maybe because the infomercial that sells the Snuggie is just so darn entertaining. While the concept is great…and I can understand why people buy Snuggies…I just can't help but think that we (and I most certainly include myself) are either really cold or really lazy! Actually, I take that back. I understand that CONVENIENCE is everything….however, is it REALLY that difficult to change the channel on the television if you happen to have a blanket over you? Heaven forbid you have to move your arm out from under the blanket long enough to hit a button on the remote control! Then again, as the infomercial states, "Blankets are a pain as they slip and slide." Those darn slippery blankets!

I guess my favorite part of the Snuggie Informercial is when the family of four (all wearing their red Snuggies) go into the backyard and toast marshmallows together. Really? First of all, getting my father into a Snuggie would be down-right next to impossible (he is a manly-man…kind of like Grizzly Adams)…but getting my teenage sister into one would require a small miracle. There are many other things you can do (easily) while wearing a Snuggie including read a book, snuggle a baby, eat and hold your cat or dog…just to name a few. Snuggies are machine washable and come in several fashionable colors. For those of you that have a flair for fashion, no worries, Snuggies are also available in zebra, camel and leopard prints. Don't get me wrong, I am not making fun of the Snuggie…I guess I'm just jealous of the now VERY RICH person that thought of sewing sleeves onto a blanket in the first place. Oh, and by the way, you will be happy to know that my grandma owns a zebra Snuggie…and LOVES it. Now that I think about it….aren't Snuggies simply robes worn backwards? Hmmmmmm…..that's a thought to ponder.

The Age Away Root Color Concealer Duo Pen

The Age Away Root Color Concelaer Pen really reminds me of the "hair in a can" product that I use to see advertised on television all the time. I haven't seen the commercial lately, however I'm certain you can still buy "hair in a can" if you wish to do so (I'm sure it's out there somewhere!). Personally, I think you should be proud of how you look…hair or no hair. Spraying on any type of hair just seems like it would be a big pain in the you know what. Not to mention what would happen if it rained…would my hair run? The Age Away Root Concealer Duo Pen claims to instantly touch up embarrassing gray and white hair roots. If you look in the mirror and see a few gray roots, you simply whip out your concealer pen and with a few simple strokes….BAM, they're gone! Well, actually they are still there, you have just covered them up with hair dye that just so happens to come in a tube and looks a lot like lipstick! If you wish, you can carry your concealer pen in your purse (or man-bag if you happen to be a guy and actually OWN a man-bag). The Age Away Pen has been tested by dermatologists, washes out when you shampoo (again…that makes me worry about bad weather) and comes in several colors including medium blonde, blonde, auburn, brown…well, you get the picture. The pen is reasonably priced and can prolong time between visits to the hair salon.

Infomercials are wonderful things. I can honestly say that they have entertained me over the years when I had to work late into the night or simply couldn't sleep. Though I must admit that I have never purchased a product from an infomercial I will say that they give me hope. Why? Well, if I ever happen to come up with the next "great invention" (think pet rock or smokeless ashtray) I know that I will have the perfect medium to sell my product. Now excuse me while I go put on my Snuggie, touch up my gray hairs and scrape my tongue! Here's to the free market and the world of inventions! Where anybody…and I mean ANYBODY can become rich by simply turning a simple thought into an actual product.

I wish I had come up with the Pet Rock...millions were sold!
I wish I had come up with the Pet Rock...millions were sold!


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    • elisabethkcmo profile image

      elisabethkcmo 8 years ago from Just East of Oz

      great hub.. a friend of mine said "in that Snuggie commercial the whole family is wearing them and they look like they are in some kind of weird cult"... and when I saw it myself, I agreed... how funny!

      sometimes I think that I am too easily amused.