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Tools of rules

Updated on October 6, 2008

Tools of Rules

With emphasis on character, thrust, duty, stewardship, and answerability.

Mr. Scorpion came upon an unexpected river in his roamings and was desirous of relocating to the opposite shore. He noticed Mr. Frog sitting nearby on a lily pad and inquired about the possibility of transport across from the amphibian. Mr. Frog was straight away suspicious about Mr. Scorpion's reputation for delivering unexpected deadly stings to adversaries such as himself and queried Mr. Scorpion on the matter. Mr. Scorpion apologized for the misconception concerning his reputation and assured him that there was absolutely no merit to the indictment. Mr. Frog invited Mr. Scorpion onto his back and began ferrying him to the opposite shore. Midpoint in the crossing Mr. Scorpion, for no apparent reason, delivered a deadly sting into Mr. Frog's self. Mr. Frog stopped abruptly, dead in the water, asking Mr. Scorpion why on earth was it that he saw fit to deliver a death sentenced to both. Mr. Scorpion's response was that he was very sorry, but that it was his "character to sting".

My point is that the "tools of rules" may not have been applied to "wishful" home loan applicants by the "Stewards" (loan executives) of America's loan institutions. That oversight, derelict of duty, or whatever the excuse, may have resulted in the disastrous economic debacle that finally surfaced in September of two-thousand and eight for the taxpayers.

Strict rules of lending practices are firmly in place in America's monetary lending institution's guidelines, and are expected by the American people to be strictly adhered to by the lending "Stewards" of taxpayer's funds. I say taxpayer's funds because taxpayer's pockets are the pockets that get emptied to bail out private corporations of huge magnitude in America that collapses financially.

Those guidelines include requirements that credit applicants must possess in order to be eligible to qualify for and receive a home loan. A basic requirement of an applicant to qualify and obtain a "mortgage backed" home loan is that he or she possess a history of good credit standing and can afford the loan that they are applying for. One tool of this rule would be the act of using a credible credit reporting agency to secure a current copy of an applicant's credit dossier that must stand a firm evaluation. And that the lending "Steward" makes damned sure that the applicant does not harbor a "character to sting". That is, a mortgagee that has a character of stinging the mortgagor en lieu of keeping and bringing about his or her promise of a timely delivery of repayment. Clearly the tools (credit dossiers) of rules (lending guidelines) were overlooked or disregarded by the lending "Stewards" and may have been "cause enough" for America's economy going a rye.


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    • pylos26 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from America

      thanks for the comments shadesbreath...means alot coming from you...that ny times article causes one to gasp...didn't realize the root went that far back...makes one blush when he sees his typos...thanks for the sharp eye...pylos

    • Shadesbreath profile image


      10 years ago from California

      Interesting take. I enjoyed it. Reminds me of an article in the New York Times from back in 1999 when this all started to unravel:

      Or at least part of it did.

      Anyway, good read.

      (Oh, and you got a couple of types for "reputation" you were banging out "repetition." I do that with "from" and "form" all the time, and a few others. Hard to spot and spell check doesn't catch em.)


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