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Piscataway NJ - Best Cities Fighting Domestic Violence

Updated on April 28, 2014

Cyberbully Prevention

On October 27, 2010 local students ages 13 and older, with their parents, attended a health promotion education and legal presentation by the Middlesex County, New Jersey Prosecutor’s Office to help alert them to the real short- and long-term effects of cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying is deadly. There is no easier word for it. Adults are taken aback by it, sometime provoked to tears and/or legal action against cyberstalkers. Children are sometimes so traumatized by it that they commit suicide. It is deadly. It is illegal.

Cyberbullying techniques are cunning and imaginative and cyberbullies sometimes become victims themselves in a cutthroat competitive cyber-reality. This part of the virtual world is a blood bath overflowing into the lives of children that do not know how to handle it. Piscataway has planned additional awareness sessions in a drive to help youth and their families and to prevent cyberbullying.

Piscataway’s Domestic Violence Awareness project is another arm of this anti-bullying/anti-violence program. The entire anti-violence priority of this community helps make this township a Best Place for

Piscataway Township

A markerPiscataway Township -
Piscataway Township, NJ, USA
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Piscataway Township Domestic Violence Crisis Intervention Team


The Domestic Violence Crisis Intervention Team trains residents as volunteers, offers counseling support to battered women/men and their children or to people that are in abusive dating relationships. It provides accessibility and help at police stations immediately after domestic violence incidents are discovered. They are skilled first responders to domestic violence aftermath, but they also act in roles of education to bring about the prevention of violence in the community.

This is a program unique to Piscatasway Township and not replicated in many other places around the US.

Piscataway In Winter | Source

Best Places in New Jersey

During the spring of 2014, over 216,000 jobs were listed on average for Piscataway with a 25-ile radius of the town center. Piscataway Township is one of 4 Best Places of America located in New Jersey, rported by CNN.

Along with Franklin, Wayne, and Middletown NJ, Piscataway (#57) claims a spot on the 100 Best Places to Live in America, named by for 2010 and staying on the list thereafter.

It has been on the same list in past years and continues to develop. Originally settled in mid-1600s by Quakers and other faith groups, the township has grown considerably in its 350 years and has been an important place in American history, as a center of Travel and Tourism, and as a college town.

Piscataway is in central New Jersey near New Brunswick and Newark, the home of Rutgers University, the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and the larger University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. These schools are major employers and leaders in new job creation, collaborating with business and government in research and development.

Piscataway is a very fast-growing college/tech community with over 118,000 job openings listed for November 2010, not counting the hidden job market, with over 216,000 openings available in May of 2014.

Increasing Jobs from 2010 - 2014

Looking back, October 2010 job vacancies were mainly in Higher Education and Healthcare, particularly in New Brunswick, Newark, and Piscataway -- The Robert Woods Johnson Foundation is a provider for several major grants distributed in the widest range of health topics and health promotion initiatives in the USA. However, during November, the job market surged, offering larger numbers of job listings in Healthcare, Business, Finance, Information Technology (IT), Accounting, and Retail and these industry sectors have maintained increased job openings since that time

Best Cities in New Jersey

show route and directions
A markerPiscataway NJ -
Piscataway Township, NJ, USA
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B markerFranklin, NJ -
Franklin, NJ, USA
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C markerWayne NJ -
Wayne, NJ, USA
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D markerMiddletown NJ -
Middletown Township, NJ, USA
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Monument to Early Rutgers Football | Source

Rutger Universities Attractions

show route and directions
A markerRutgers, NJ -
Rutgers, New Brunswick, NJ 08901, USA
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B markerRutgers Cook/Douglass Campus NJ -
Rutgers University - Cook/Douglass Campus, New Brunswick, NJ 08901, USA
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C markerRutgers Ecological Preserve, NJ -
Rutgers Ecological Preserve, Piscataway Township, NJ 08854, USA
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D markerRutgers Livingston Campus, NJ -
Livingston Campus, Piscataway Township, NJ 08854, USA
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Rutgers Ecological Preserve, NJ

Rutgers Ecological Preserve is also Kilmer Woods, nearly 400 acres of forest and greenspace on the Piscataway (Livingston) Campus of Rutgers University. The preserve was part of the US Army's Camp Kilmer during the Revolutionary War, but most evidence of the military background is gone. The preserve is full of hike/bike trails today, among a varietyof trees and open fields. Johnson Park is just to the southwest.

Raritan River; Delaware and Raritan Canal | Source

Raritan Bay and River

Piscataway sits on the Raritan River, which flows through Central New Jersey and out Raritan Bay to the Atlantic Ocean. The Raritan Historic District in Piscataway contains several restored homes that sit on River Road and are on the National Register of Historic Places. The Raritan was a transportation source for the Lenape Nation and a band known as the Raritan people, Algonquians from Staten Island near Raritan Bay on the Atlantic.

The Raritan people were indigenous to Maryland and the Piscataway Nation to southern Maryland. The tribe is still in the same area of Maryland, but in the eary 1600's, they were from a partnership of ten different nations that joined in order to find food and shelter, for trading, and for preserving their cultures, especailly as whtie settlers arrived. However, in the 1700s the Piscataway left Maryland and were finally reoorganized as a nation in the 1970s.  

The Raritan River provided transport for the local colonist's industries (often agricultural) in the Colonial Period and after the Revolution, particularly at New Brunswick and the rest of Central NJ. During the Revolution, the Raritan carried troops. Later, the Delaware and Raritan Canal ruinning along the south bank connected New Brunswick and Piscataway to NYC and Philadelphia. A number of outdoor recreational activities are conducted on the river today, including Rutgers Rowing Team activities.

Raritan River and Delaware/Raritan Canal

show route and directions
A markerJohnson Park NJ -
Johnson Park, Piscataway Township, NJ 08854, USA
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B markerRaritan Bay -
Raritan Bay, New Jersey, USA
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Employment and Job Market

The largest clusters of job vacancies for Piscataway are located in Jersey City, Princeton, Newark, Edison, and Bridgewater. In addition to many of the avaiable jobs being involved in Healthcare and Information Technology (IT), some are involved in related Digital Manufacturing.

As early as 2003, hearing aids, jet plane parts, and other goods have been manufactured instantly from digital files. Siemens Hearing Instruments, located in the Picataway area, is the world’s largest manufacturer of hearing aids. They have converted to digital manufacturing of their products in several of their factories.

A surge of Healthcare, Research, and College-Level Instructional positions opened during the years 2011 - 2014, with increased expected at the following institutions:

  • University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ)
  • UMDNJ’s Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
  • UMDNJ’s School of Nursing
  • The Child Health Institute of New Jersey at UMDNJ
  • Rutgers University
  • Saint Peter's University Hospital

Frequently Hiring Employers

  1. Ernst and Young
  2. Deloitte
  3. Columbia University
  4. Medical Connections
  5. Bank of America Corp.
  6. Robert Half Technology
  7. Various staffing agencies
  8. ADP, Inc.
  9. Saint Barnabas Medical Center
  10. AT&T
  11. Michael Page International
  12. Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies
  13. Merck
  14. Verizon Wireless
  15. Cybercoders
  16. Prudential


Top 10 Hot Jobs

  1. Occupational Therapists
  2. RN Staff Nurses, Operating Room Specialty and Critical Care Specialty
  3. Physical therapists
  4. Java Developers
  5. Restaurant Cooks and Food Servers
  6. Project Managers
  7. Business Analysts
  8. Salespeople
  9. Health Care Case Managers
  10. Administrative Assistants

Additional High Demand Jobs

  1. Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)
  2. Accountants
  3. Secretaries
  4. Financial Analysts 100 Best Companies To Work For

Four of these 100 Best Companies are located in the Piscataway area:

  • Colgate-Palmolive - Piscataway
  • Goldman Sachs - Jersey City
  • Novo Nordisk - Princeton
  • Paychex - Piscataway

Raritan Bay

Cheesequake Creek and State Park on the Raritan Bay.
Cheesequake Creek and State Park on the Raritan Bay. | Source


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