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Top 10 Home Businesses You Can Start Online Cheap: Business Opportunity Center

Updated on June 30, 2009


Launching an enterprise opportunity center is a fantastic resource for your target market and an excellent way to generate considerable revenue by marketing online advertisements, a wide variety of tangible and non tangible products such as books or e-books focusing on the prospect of locating employment, as well as services such as online job coaching and resume writing. On this website, individuals can post resumes and enterprises can post any opportunities which are currently available.

You can earn income by marketing the advertising on your site and by allowing companies to subscribe to your website and thus receive the data which is pertinent to their requirements, or you can create a situation whereby businesses can feature their specific opportunity, such as franchising. You can also provide a comprehensive series of resources through onsite features and offsite links for individuals seeking employment as well as resources for entrepreneurs. Your database can be of general interest or vertically oriented to a specific and particular business sector.


If you are basing your business on enterprise opportunities within a particular sector, such as the automotive industry, then in-depth knowledge of the industry is required. If you are developing a general enterprise opportunity website, then you must have skill set which encompasses personal computers, the Internet, and online marketing.


To develop this informational resource, your expenditures will primarily consist of website development, design, promotion, research, and periodical website maintenance. You will incur personal computer hardware and software expenditures, which will likely include a budget for database development, as all your listings will have to be stored in a searchable database. You can expect expenditures to range between $5,000 and $10,000 if you do not currently have a suitable PC, but as little as $2,000 if you already do.


One person can administer this enterprise. Depending on the features of the website, it is feasible to start this business on a part-time basis. At some point, you may wish to hire an additional staff member to assist with client inquiries and site maintenance.


You should ensure that you have a well developed and thought out business plan before you approach this business in order to be able to gauge how revenue will be generated and who the potential customers are in your local region. It is important to be aware that maintaining this level of data requires extensive organization. A fully automated system would be preferable to confront the data requirements for this enterprise. You can participate in various e-zines and forums which focus on enterprise and entrepreneur-related issues to increase your clientele and income. You can achieve this by participating in online forums, writing articles to be published in e-zines or by buying advertising on the specific websites.


Additional revenue can be generated through the sales of any products and services listed on your website which relate to the main function of your enterprise. You could offer business plan development or resume writing services. You should also examine the possibility to sell products relating to your subject, such as books on business plan development or resume writing.

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Top 10 Home Businesses You Can Start Online Cheap: Business Opportunity Center


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      When you learn this one skill then the rest will just fall in... intelligence, courage, energy, perseverance, commitment, market researching, product development, marketing, advertising, sales, planning, time management, patience. Despite of what you hear or read online this is not going to be an overnight thing. When you see these types of promises and programs. RUN!

      more information here

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I got 1 case of HGSS and 1 case of unleashed when they were first raleesed. Both of those sets caused headaches and very non user friendly patterns. They seems to have 2-3 patterns combined into a single box in most cases. I actually had to open about 75% of the packs of each set to get all the expected primes/legends.


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