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Top 10 Home Businesses You Can Start Online Cheap: Senior Services

Updated on June 30, 2009


The number of seniors who have access to the Internet is increasing exponentially. Many retired senior citizens spend hours online each and every day: being entertained, doing research, learning, being informed, purchasing products and services, as well as planning the balance of their retirement. This trend can provide the savvy entrepreneur with a lucrative opportunity to profit from this explosion of online senior citizens. You can develop a senior citizens' services website where retired individuals can learn about food, fitness, health, travel, entertainment, literature, money, and the many other aspects of retired life.

A senior services website can generate revenue from marketing online advertising to various companies who are focused on the same demographic. The senior citizen market is extremely appealing to a large number of companies, and this fact can provide a significant advertising opportunity for businesses whose products and services are keyed to be of interest to seniors. You could sell online ads for senior citizen travel, vitamins and health products, medical services... indeed the list is virtually endless.

There are countless opportunities to derive significant advertising income for this type of website. Another source of revenue, for example, could be generated by participating in the affiliate programs of businesses involved in providing products and services to the senior citizen demographic.


Experience and a thorough understanding of online advertising techniques is significantly beneficial if you are operating this type of website. It is next to impossible to promote any product or service to a specific market segment unless you fully comprehend that segment, therefore the entrepreneurs who succeed in this type of business are the ones who possess extensive and profound knowledge of the different interests of senior citizens.


At first you will have to pay to design and develop your website (unless you have the skills to do that yourself) as well as confront all expenditures associated with this process, such as a hosting service. You can expect expenditures to range between $2,000 and $4,000 if you do not currently have a suitable PC, but as little as $1,000 if you already do.You will need a modern personal computer with appropriate software graphics and HTML editing software, website development, and hosting. If you intend on setting up a comprehensive mailing list system, you will also have to buy specialized mailing list software to assist you in managing and organizing your mail lists which will become an onerous task in time. You may also wish to buy comprehensive online traffic analysis software to track where your website readers are coming from. This information can be used for significant leverage and can create considerable future marketing opportunities. Additional expenditures associated with launching this enterprise include online advertising expenditures and any offline promotion that you may require to launch.


One truly enthusiastic, professional, knowledgeable and dedicated individual can manage this type of website. You can start this venture while keeping a regular full-time job until your website’s revenues surpass your current salary.


Online advertising is your main source of revenue thus it is of paramount importance that you target that senior demographic accurately and precisely. Keeping in mind that the visitors to your website are senior citizens, you should ensure that the website design is not too complex, that the site is clear and easy to navigate, and that you don't use a lot of small type and tiny buttons. Always utilize fonts that are larger than the web default text font size. You may also want to incorporate a font sizing button where the visitor can increase or decrease the size of the text type to suit them. Any complications or deficiencies may cause a senior citizen to leave your site confused and frustrated, never to return.


A good source of additional revenue can be derived through participation in affiliate programs of suppliers of products and services that specifically targeted to seniors. Sponsors of appropriate departments of your website or your mailing list can also be considerable profit centers.

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