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Top 10 Home Businesses You Can Start Online Cheap: Website Ad Designer

Updated on June 30, 2009


The main form of advertising online today are the banner advertisements which are placed on high-traffic websites. Banner advertisements are almost always composed by a graphic designer. With advertising online growing year on year, even in a down economy it is now imperative for any business, small or large, to advertise online. Many of these smaller enterprises don't have the budget or the necessity to hire their own in-house graphic designer, therefore they generally outsource the design of their ads to outside independent contractors.

As a banner ad graphic designer, you will take requests for various forms of image based online advertisements via e-mail. After consulting with clients via e-mail or phone, you will produce a banner ad that meets their needs, preferences, and budget. The revenue for this business will come from the fees you will charge for these services.


The most important skill set you will need for designing banner ads is exceptional graphic design abilities. You need to demonstrate mastery over the standard graphical programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Animated banner online ads have become very popular, and in order to produce these types of ads, you will need to be familiar with Adobe Flash, the Java programming language, or similar animation software.


Expenditures can be quite low to launch this enterprise if you have a capable personal computer and the proper software needed to complete the work. The majority of graphic designers have the necessary hardware and software although it is important to keep in mind that just Adobe Creative Suite 4 (which is essentially de rigeur for this sort of business) can cost upwards of $1,000. You will also require a fairly major-league personal computer. In the PC field, it is recommended that your minimal hardware specification be a quad core CPU with at least 4 GB of RAM and a 1 TB Hard Drive. Of course from here on up the sky is the limit and you will find that many graphic designers are utilizing 64 bit operating systems which allow them to access more than 3.2 GB of RAM as the Adobe CS4 software is extremely demanding on both CPU cycles and RAM capacity. It is not unusual for a graphics designer to have 8 GB RAM in their system and some have much more. In the Apple arena, a late model Mac Pro equipped with as many high end specifications as can be afforded is also the preferred hardware configuration.


One part-time person can start this enterprise.

Online competition could be overwhelming, therefore exceptional design abilities and superb, meticulous and caring customer service are extremely important. The aesthetic presentation of your own website is of specific importance. Your website should have an extensive portfolio section as well as having an area for customer samples and positive testimonials which can be read by your website visitors.


You can expand your services into associated profit centers such as e-book covers, e-brochure development, graphic corporate design, and website development.

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