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Top 10 Hot Jobs in Greenville SC - America's Number 1 Micro-City

Updated on October 19, 2012

Falls Park, Downtown

Upstate SC Business

Greenville is the Number 1 Micro-City of the Future, in North America according to fDi Magazine. it was rated on the characteristics of high-quality economic potential, human resources, cost-effectiveness, standard of living, infrastructure, business friendliness, and other.

Greenville, in Northwest South Carolina and Greenville County is the county seat and the manufacturing leader in the state. The city is also the business hub of the Upstate Region.

Greenville is situated on what was once only a single plantation in 1770 and later named Pleasantburg. The Irish landowner received his property in several parcels from the Cherokee Nation after he married a woman from their group and continued on friendly terms with the Native Americans.

The entire county lands had belonged to the Cherokee Nation for many years until the USA moved them out of the state after the Revolutionary War. In 1777, the Cherokee were removed and Pleasantburg became Greenville, while the lands filled with settlers that were formerly from the countries of the UK.

Agriculture was the major economy during plantation years and the advent of the railroads locally in the 1850s increased business sales through transport. Fortunately, the Civil War brought no battles to Greenville and the immediate area and rebuilding was not the major task to accomplish after the war. Manufacturing began to increase and helped to build the economy after the plantation system declined. Manufacturing included textile mills, lumber mills, grainmills, and ironworks, among others. Travel and Tourism continued to grow in the county as well, with nearby Travelers Rest becoming a wagon train stopover point. The entire upstate region drew trade from the wagon train settlers, and later from automobile travelers. 

Coca Cola built a bottling plant in Greenville during The Great Depression and made a success of it in the manufacturing sector of industry. The plant still operates today and provides many jobs. Over tim ein the 20th Century, the Greenville County population grew to 438,000 by 2008, or about 1/10 of the population in the entire state.

Travelers Rest is very iteresting in Upstate SC. As Conestoga wagon trains moved westward to California in the 1800s, settlers stopped in this town as a rest stop. A sort of Travel and Tourism Indusry took root as increasing numbers of settlers each year spent money in Travelers Rest and Greenville. In modern times, I have stayed in this town several times on business trips to the area and have found it quite enjoyable and friendly.

A markerGreenville SC -
Greenville, SC, USA
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Greater Greenville Area

Top 10 Micro-Cities of North America, 2009 - 2010

  1. Greenville, South Carolina
  2. Wilmington, Delaware
  3. Victoria, British Columbia; Canada
  4. Surprise, Arizona
  5. Ogden Utah
  6. Idaho Falls, Idaho
  7. Pocatello, Idaho
  8. Fargo, North Dakota
  9. Danville, Virginia
  10. Santa Fe Springs, California


Local Industry Sectors forecast to grew through 2014 include:

  1. Waste Management/Remediation & Administration - will add the most jobs at about 20% increase.
  2. Healthcare and Social Assistance - about 20%
  3. Retail Sales - 11% - (see graphs below)
  4. Professional and Scientic/Technical Services - 26%
  5. Educational Services - 15+%

The graph below shows a decrease in numbers of jobs listings from 2006 to the Holiday Shopping Season at the end of 2008, when the trend leveled out. After January 2009, the numbers of jobs listed declined again to 2010, then began a gradual increase, boosted by ARRA Stimulus funds from 2010 - 2012.


Companies Listing Most Jobs via Internet Job Search

  1. Greenville Hospital System
  2. Voyage Healthcare
  3. Medical Connections Inc.
  4. AppleOne – Employment agency.
  5. Interim HealthCare
  6. St.Francis Hospital
  7. Palmetto Health - Hospitals
  8. Bojangles Restaurants
  9. Critical Connection – Health & medical staffing 
  10. StaffPointe Medical Search


Largest Area Companies by # Employees

  1. Chest Pain Center of Greenville
  2. Greenville Hospital System
  3. Greenville Children's Hospital
  4. Greenville County School District - Largest school system in South Carolina.
  5. Medical University Hospital Authority
  6. Michelin North America
  7. BMW of the SC Upstate Region
  8. Fluor Corp - Engr & Construction
  9. General Electric Co.
  10. Bon Secours St. Francis Health


Top 10 Jobs through 2014

By largest number of jobs to fewest, with percentage increases.

  1. Retail Salespersons 17%
  2. Customer Service Reps 23%
  3. Registered Nurses (RNs) 22%
  4. Team Assemblers 22%
  5. Truck Drivers - Heavy, Semis, Tractor-Trailers 18%
  6. Manual Laborers and Freight/Stock Movers 10%
  7. General/Operations Mgrs 16%
  8. Machinists 33%
  9. Sales Representatives for Wholesale & Mfg 16%
  10. General Maint/Repair 19%

The job of Registered Nurse in Upstate SC is not only forecast to increase in numbers but is also one of the largest job listings on Internet Job Search Boards (see graph below). The graph below shows fluctuations in the growth of this position since 2005 in the Greenville region, but indicates a beginning upswing again in February '09.

Customer Service jobs fluctued and decreased overall from  2007 - 2008 and began to grow in January 2009.Truck Driver jobs declined and bottomed out before summer of 2007.  Team Assembler positions have not yet increased as predicted. manual labor postion in the #6 slot above declined rapidly after the summer of 2005, with only a small increase in January and Fenruary 2009. Manager jobs became more plentiful after November of 2008. Other jobs on the Top 10 List of forecasts declined overall fomr 2005 - 2009. 

Increase in RNs, 2011-2012, right side of graph.


Top Jobs Advertised

The two leading posted jobs that match forecasts to left are in bold. Out of 4600 jobs open within 25 miles of Greenville, the following were the job leaders in numbers posted:

  1. Staff Phsycian
  2. Physical Therapy Assistant
  3. Assistant Manager
  4. Registered Nurse (RN)
  5. Occupational Therapist
  6. Physical Therapist
  7. Pharmacist
  8. Retail Team Member - Retail sales.
  9. Nurse Practitioner (NP)
  10. Cashiers & Sales Managers (tie)

Increase in Retail


Retail Trade in the Greenville Area

Retail trade is the third largest fast-growing industry in the Greenville area.

The growth in numbers of retail jobs advertised has fluctuated widely from 2005 to 2009, but grown gradually since that time. Numbers of retail jobs peaked to a high of 100% increase in August 2008, but moved up and down, declining again in January of 2008. Retail listings began to rise again in early January and February of 2009 and continued through 2012.

Downtown Revival

Greenville, South Carolina is the recognized home to many buildings listed on the US National Historic Register.

Several of the Greenville historic structures are located in the Downtown area, among reconstructed commercial facilities and new home and buildings going up in ongoing development and revitalization. Greenville is also the site of one of the last homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, adding to the architectural history of this state's Upstate Region.

Downtown, the "Hamptons Condominiums" is a large restoration project. It takes Downtown 1920s architecture and refreshes it to preserve a house that was formerly a pastor's home and a church. It includes lofts, garden units, and townhouses for residential space. At the same time, Fluor Corporation added an additional company division in Greenville to concentrate on renewable power to add to already operating nuclear, gas, solid fuel, and air quality control products and services.

Higher Education

Greenville Area Sports

  • Greenville Chess Club (Yes, chess is a sport, at least for the Inner City Games and other organizations)
  • Greenville Drive Baseball
  • Greenville Griffins Rugby
  • Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club
  • Greenville Track Club Events
  • Foothills Youth Rodeo Association
  • South Carolina Kyudo Renmei - Japanese Longbow martial art of KYUDO, a sport not found everywhere. 
  • South Carolina Force - indoor football.
  • College Level - Furman Paladins
  • Special Olympics

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Experiences and Job Leads

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    • Jenny Zhang profile image

      Jenny Zhang 8 years ago from Ann Arbor, MI

      You know, normally when I hear NC or SC, I think of the research triangle, but this is good info about some of the other opportunities.

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 8 years ago from USA. Member of Asgardia, the first space nation, since October 2016

      The newslink was/is set for SC and I see all SC news at this moment. The Grrowl and Braves websites are kaput, so I was able to find additional sports. Thanks again!

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 8 years ago from USA. Member of Asgardia, the first space nation, since October 2016

      Great advice, Woodson and I'll check it all out. Thanks for the visit and the tips.

    • Woodson profile image

      Woodson 8 years ago from Minnesota


      Nice Hub. As a native of G-Vegas, I have a few comments:

      I'm pretty sure the Growl and the G-Braves are both defunct. Also, it looks like your news feed is mostly for Greenville, NC– a very different town.

      I do love the video.

    • Maafadiva profile image

      Maafadiva 8 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      Nice Hub